User Generated Content

User-Generated Content is a collaboration process between a brand and TikTok, Instagram or YouTube creators where the brand outsources the creation of visual assets to them.

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Blog Articles

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6 Ways to Create Compelling Video Testimonials

Use these 6 tips for your next video to create captivating video testimonials.
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Why Testimonial Videos Are Important for Your Brand

Importance of using video testimonials for your brand.
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Ways Video Testimonials Can Improve Your Business

Here’s a guide on how to increase your sales through video testimonials.
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How to Make Brand Ambassadors From Loyal Customers

Here are essential ways to turn your loyal customers into brand advocates.
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Techniques For Better Video Customer Support

Customer service videos are a great way to make your support process faster and more efficient.
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5 Effective Ways To Encourage User-Generated Video Content

Tips to encourage audiences to make use-generated video contents for your business.
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