We are all impacted to some degree by the opinions of others through word of mouth (including WOM advertising), celebrity influencers or micro-influencers (vloggers, etc.), ratings, and reviews. Every good or service has to have testimonials from satisfied customers to convince potential customers of its worth.

When was the last time you made travel plans without first reading a hotel review? Indeed, that is our point.

Do you currently have any testimonials? What are you waiting for if not?

Let the numbers do the talking

Have you ever heard of social proof? It's a psychological phenomenon referring to people's reliance on the feedback and actions of others to determine what is right and wrong in a given situation.

Regarding customer testimonials, there's no better way to get social proof than with video. People trust videos more than text, and they're much more likely to be persuaded by a product if they can see someone else using it.

Video testimonials are also great because they provide a visual element that makes your business more relatable and human-like. Video testimonials are an essential part of the customer journey—and they're invaluable when you want to make a sale.

  • If a website has product ratings and reviews, people are 63% more likely to buy something from it (People Claim)
  • Online shoppers seem to trust internet reviews more than word-of-mouth recommendations in 79% of cases (BrightLocal)
  • Consumer feedback boosts product conversion by 74%. (People Claim)
  • Before making an online purchase, 77% of customers examine product or service reviews (Juniper Research)
  • For all sorts of content marketing, customer stories have the greatest efficacy rate (89%). (WebDAM)
  • 90% of consumers acknowledge that online reviews impact their purchasing decisions (Marketing Land).
The Importance of Video Content

Text testimonials must benefit your business if they work so well for online giants like Amazon. Your delighted clientele is the best marketing tool at your disposal, so make the most of it by making video testimonials. Is all the fuss really worth it? I hear you asking.

You may increase sales, expand your audience and visibility, and enhance the reputation of your brand by using video testimonials.

Video testimonials also help prospective customers understand how other people feel about using your product or service before they even try it themselves. This can be especially valuable if you're selling something that may seem intimidating or new to some people at first glance (like a skincare line).

  • After seeing a movie, website visitors are 64% more likely to make a purchase on an online retail site (ComScore). I don't know what more to say if that doesn't make your ears happy.
  • The average time spent on a website by video viewers is 2 minutes longer than that of non-viewers (ComScore).
Creating Great Testimonials

The two most reliable methods of consumer endorsement are case studies and videos. You can get the added benefit of hearing words directly from your client when you use an animated video production services.

The video should accomplish two goals:

  • The speaker, their attitude and tone of voice, and the surroundings should all look and feel as authentic as possible, provided that the words won't be extracted by torture. Credibility is everything; the actual content (wording) is secondary.
  • The client testimonial ought to be compelling for the audience and present the product from a fresh perspective. The target market must believe that they now know something new about the good or service. Make the time they spent watching the video worthwhile.

Choose two cameras if your budget permits it to ensure that the viewer is visually entertained by showing the same scenes from various angles (and pays attention). Try using movie composition if you've chosen a single camera to give the video extra depth and richness.

Make sure your video for your event video production services is optimized for mobile devices and includes written captions for users who choose to watch without sound.

The candidate

The success of your promotional video production company depends on the speaker you choose. It can be difficult to get clients to agree to share their success stories.

Certain people are "naturals" in front of the camera; they are animated and delighted to share their stories, and they will end up serving as your company's best brand ambassadors. When pitching a testimonial to a consumer, make sure to emphasize the advantages that their narrative will provide. This will enable them to regard this video testimonial as a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The message

The message must be intriguing and interesting, and it must tell a tale. Avoid memorized scripts, monologues, and improvisations because they will only serve to bore or alienate your audience. Along with the speaker, prepare a few questions in advance. Each question's response should center on a single, compelling point. Your main objective should be to demonstrate that your business exceeded your client's expectations by offering high-quality services.

  • Start- The client begins to discuss the requirements and objectives of their business.
  • Middle- The customer afterward learned about your company's reputation and all the fantastic services you offer. They describe how your brand stands out from those of your rivals.
  • Ending- The client concludes by outlining how your brand has now met their needs.
The video's duration

The video for your commercial video production services shouldn't last longer than two to three minutes, which should be enough time for two to three questions. The responses must to be succinct, direct, and shed new light on your business. Make sure the film leaves the audience with a favorable impression of your brand and positive vibes.

A Call to Action

Consider your CTA carefully, and consider how your video might benefit your brand. bring more visitors to your website? Tell your audience about your most recent deals. Always include a CTA at the conclusion of your promotional video production company, no matter what, to help your audience choose the best choice.


Your marketing team must determine the best way to distribute your video testimonials. Your website should undoubtedly host the videos, but to maximize their impact, you should also use additional channels for dissemination. Does starting a YouTube channel make sense? Do you need to add them to your newsletter or publish them on LinkedIn?

Consumers have become savvier over time, and they are aware that it can be challenging to believe the veracity of written recommendations. Numerous companies have made up customer reviews to increase sales. Video testimonials help safeguard your brand and the validity of the testimonies.

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