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An effective video marketing strategy begins with the proper research and planning.

Your strategy will ultimately guide you, your timeline, budget and entire production process. This should be step one of your video creation process.

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Start with your goals

Your video strategy begins with getting clear on your goals. What will make videos successful for you?

Consider a video message for every stage of the sales funnel, starting with brand awareness to the close.

Identify your target audience

Now that you know what you want to accomplish, you must also get clear on your target audience.

If you create a video with a type of person in mind then most likely your video won’t work! This is essential — you must know who your ideal buyer is.

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Develop the message and story you need to tell

To get your ideal audience to view, feel and act on your video, a clear message must be a priority!

We guide you to know your brand message with your Story Supply™ framework.

Get creative with your video script

With a clear message set, it’s time to develop your video script and creative.

Ask yourself — what ideas and unique approach can you take to help your video content stand out?

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