Making a customer testimonial video is more important than ever. And recently, we've observed a lot of clients using them as a speedy follow-up project to longer overview or explainer video productions. They are not only very valuable, but they also make the process simpler, making them ideal for the latter stage of video engagement.

Things feel a lot more efficient when you can focus on getting real answers and tales from one of your customers during a one-day shoot instead of needing storyboards, creating every square inch of every frame, hiring a lot of actors, or purchasing dozens of props. Depending on the people you're collaborating with on each of these, the budgets might even reflect that difference.

However, while a client testimonial video is less complex, it may be more challenging to stand out and draw in your viewers.

So here are 6 tips on how you can elevate your customer testimonial video, broken down by production stage. 

Conduct a pre-interview

A pre-interview is a great way to get your interviewee comfortable with the idea of being on camera. It's also a great way to get them talking about their company and product, so you can be sure you're asking the right questions during the actual interview.

If you're filming the testimonial in person, schedule the pre-interview before your main shoot. If you're filming remotely, ask your interviewee to send over some video of themselves talking about their product or service (something similar to what they'll be doing in the main shoot) or some promotional video production services so that you can use it as a guide for what kind of questions to ask during the pre-interview itself.

The point of this exercise is not just to help get your interviewee comfortable with being on camera, but also to ensure that they know exactly what kind of information you want them to share during the actual shoot. This can make it easier for them to speak off-the-cuff since they don't have to worry about what their answers might be leading up to this point in time.

Getting The Interviewees Ready

Preparing the interviewees is of the utmost importance. If you don’t, your video will be a mess. There is no way around it.

You have to prepare your interviewees thoroughly and make sure they are comfortable with what they are going to do. You can do this by telling them what you want them to say or how you want them to act. The key here is to tell them in advance so that they have time to prepare for their role in the video.

If you don’t tell them what you want them to say or how you want them to act, then they have no idea what kind of questions they will be asked during the interview, which makes it hard for them to plan ahead of time. It also makes things incredibly difficult when it comes time for editing because there won’t be any continuity between their answers since each answer will be completely different from the last one!

Get more B-rolls

This one should go without saying. Get even more than you think you'll need while taking on-set b-roll, office film, collaborative shots, people utilizing the product footage, etc.

If there are few possibilities, take some of the same pictures from a broad, mid, and close distance. exteriors of the building in movies. Film the area in which it is situated. Take incredibly close-up pictures of someone using a keyboard. There are no inaccurate shots here!

This will provide your editor with a ton of alternatives to work with during post-production and ensure that we're accurately portraying the interviewees. This may include but is not limited to, correctly removing excessive filler words or covering up any moments in which they unintentionally glance into the camera.

Focus on Feelings

If you want to make a video testimonial that will resonate with your audience, try focusing on feelings. When you're speaking to an audience, it's important that they feel like they can relate to you. To do this, think about the emotions that your audience is likely to be feeling and talk about how you feel about those emotions. It's okay if it makes you cry—it shows how much of an impact your product or service has had on someone.

Skip the Self-Introduction

When you're creating a video testimonial, it can be tempting to start with a self-introduction. After all, you're the star of the show! But if you want to make sure your animated video production services is compelling, skip the intro and jump right into asking your client questions.

Not only does this make for a more engaging and authentic experience for viewers, but it also helps you get your message across more effectively. When you're asking questions rather than talking at the camera, you can focus on what your customers are saying—and avoid rehashing things they've already said in their own words.

Include Bloopers

If you're looking for a new way to create video testimonials, try including bloopers.

Bloopers are easily the most fun part of the whole process, and they can also be used as a segue into your pitch. Just ask your interviewee if they'd mind showing you some of their best moments—whether they're funny or just plain embarrassing—and then edit them together. You'll be left with a great collection of clips that show your company in the best possible light, but also allow people to see how much fun the interviewees had while filming!


These are things that any small business can do to improve the quality of their video testimonials—and often without spending a lot of money. For example, better lighting can make all the difference between a mediocre video and a fantastic one. People will pay attention to your footage whether you invest in it or not, but it just might be a little more compelling to you if you know you put effort behind it.

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