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Video Production is a full-service, 1 day (8 hour) professional video shoot for your business. You will be directed by our trained team of cinematographers and directors. It's easy to get started, select your production type, submit your prep form and then our team will take care of the rest!

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What's Included

Video Production Services Include:

  • 1x day video production (8 hours)
  • 2x camera professional coverage (4K resolution)
  • 1-3x on-screen talent
  • 1-2x video crew members
  • All Video Supply team costs, including service rates, equipment rentals, travel, lodging, food and any additional pass through expenses.
  • Pre-Production Meeting (1 hour): Hosted virtually before production to review your goals, list of videos, scripts, location, and other creative strategies. ($500+ Value)
  • Hair and make-up artist, if applicable ($300+ Value)
  • Catered lunch

*If you want our team to search, rent, pay for the perfect video studio location for your video production then add that to your order! (location fees are often ~$1,000/day)

A Video Supply Production is a full-service, professional video shoot for your business. You will be directed by our trained team of cinematographers and directors. It's easy to get started, select your production type, submit your prep form and then our team will take care of the rest! Our team films with you for a full 8 hours during your 1 day video shoot. If you'd like to add more shoot days simply order extra days by increasing the quantity in your order.

Most brands are able to film over 20 videos (RAW, unedited only) for different projects, purposes or campaigns. If a production requires more logistics like location changes, props, hired talent and more then the filming 1-5 videos is expected. After the production day(s) is completed you'll immediately get access to all RAW video assets to download.

*All video production services do NOT include the video editing, designing, and publishing of the videos you filmed. We provide additional, a la carte services to get all of that done for you including Video Edit, YouTube Marketing, and more.

Here are the types of productions or videos we help you produce:

  • Commercial or Social Video Ad
  • Event
  • Product Demos
  • Online Course
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Webinar
  • Web Series or Podcast Episode
  • Brand Story
  • Travel and Destination
  • And more...

Video Production

If you’re here, it’s because you know the importance of video production and marketing. Businesses can no longer rely only on the written word and images. That content is relevant but often less engaging. Your audience needs an easy and approachable way to learn about your brand and why they should trust you to solve their pains and problems.

Whether it's live streaming, interactive 360 degree videos, augmented reality or the most social media app of the day — the brands who don't leverage video in all forms in their marketing and business will be left behind and not grow.

Here are five incredible benefits of video production (and why you need to establish a video marketing plan today!):

  • Increases brand awareness rapidly
  • Accelerates social media engagement and followers
  • Educates your audience about your products and services
  • Builds a trusting relationship with your current and future customers
  • And simply, people prefer video content over anything else.

In the United States alone, video marketing is a $140+ billion dollar industry and it keeps growing. And because of this growth, there's also opportunity. An opportunity to invest in and trust a video production partner to create professional, relevant and high-converting video content to help you grow your business like never before!

If you're new to creating videos, struggle with consistency or simply want to work with a trained team of experts to do it all for you then we're here to help! Learn more about our Video Production PRO service below and then order it today.

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“The team is a self-starter and understands both the creative and business side of video production. Their intangibles make them an asset to any project with a whatever it takes mentality”

Princess Cruises

Travel and Hospitality

“We’ve loved working with you guys, you are who you say you are. Our clients have loved the work you’ve been doing. It’s next level! Really happy with the relationship and partnership we have going on.”


CEO, ViziSites

"Over 60,000 views and 350 engagements with my brand story video — people loved it!"

Julie Chenell

Digital Insiders Mastermind

"Thank you for getting everything ready and making sure we are good for tomorrow! You’ve been great with communicating with our team and I’m so grateful for that!"

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Media Resources

Partnered to produce a product story feature video to increase sales.
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Julie Chenell

$1M+ Profits, 3x'd Email List, Forbes Feature
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Innovative Senior Care Consultant

On-site event video production services for Eshonda and Jessica of Innovative Senior Care Consultant.

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