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Video Scripting Services

Work with our expert copywriting team to get a high-converting video script written 100% for you. You’ll be able to quickly increase views, engagement and conversions with a story-driven, direct-response script for your next video.

We'll customize a script for any goal, campaign or project whether it's a brand story, ad, training or any other message to help you get attention and grow your business.

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What's Included

Every video script includes:

  • 200-1900 words
  • 3x opening hook variations
  • 3x call to action variations
  • 3x revisions
  • Video Length: 30 seconds - 5 minutes

Video Script

Movie studios and inbound marketers aren't too different when it comes to creating and promoting effective video content. In both scenarios, a story is told about an idea, product or protagonist to captivate an audience and make them believe in the message being shared.

That message starts as copy — that written word of a video script. Where all the ideas, concepts, goals and message are clarified to get the desired, end result after the video gets created.

Video success comes down to the effectiveness of the video script. And it's not easy to write a script that jumps off the page and captures your brand, product and service perfectly for your audience.

That's why Video Supply is here to help. We'll write a high-converting video script for you using essential strategies and skills of direct-response marketing and storytelling. Get your script written today!

Want to talk about your project, ideas and goals first? Start with a free discovery call. 🚀

"Video Supply is who I use to capture true storytelling in a way that uses video to scale a brand/message! He’s done amazing work for my 7-figure clients & hits the nail every single time."

Echo Summer Hill

Inspired Entrepreneur

Thank you for all the exceptional work on our video project. We’re confident that this final version is a powerful representation of our vision and will undoubtedly resonate with our intended audience. 

Your commitment to ensuring our complete satisfaction is greatly appreciated and we cannot wait to work together again in the future!


Product Designer, Elective

"Seamlessly came into my team and helped with messaging and thinking through the story and pain points that my audience have."

Teri Ijeoma

Trade and Travel

$283,500 Sales, 2500+ Leads — "We had 1.2k people opt into the sticky note challenge video series. There were 1.3k people who ended up registered for our webinars (we 3x'd our usual opt-ins). This resulted in 63 sales for Accelerator that has a $4500 pay-in-full price."

Run Like Clockwork

Business Coaching
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Clients Who Loved This Service

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Generating 5+ organic search leads per day.
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Produced multiple onboarding and training videos.
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Princess Cruises

Generated millions in views and sales with multiple brand awareness and sales campaigns.
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Tiyana Robinson

Produced online course and marketing video content for successful launch.

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