Customer service videos assist in facilitating a quicker, easier, and more cost-effective resolution process for everything from support issues to knowledge bases to customer onboarding.

I once had a full load of clothing that needed to be washed, but my washing machine wouldn't start. I decided to take matters into my own hands rather than pay for a costly expert repair and risk wearing soiled clothes for a few days.

On YouTube, I saw a useful customer service video that identified the issue. I only needed a single cable tie to complete the video's instructions and repair the machine's broken door sensor.

These kinds of incidents are become the standard in customer assistance. Consumers expect prompt and appropriate resolutions to their problems, preferably in an understandable style. Most consumers have left a brand as a result of bad customer service. You must offer outstanding customer service if you want to keep your clients.

The ideal option to provide customers with speedier and more efficient answers is through video customer care. The process of resolution is sped up. Consumers are more satisfied with the service they receive.

By assisting consumers in getting greater value from your good or service, it even improves client retention.

In this article, we'll outline the advantages of customer support videos and then discuss how to include video into every aspect of your support system.

Advantages of Customer Support  Videos

Corporate video production company, marketers and salespeople have long understood the value of using video to illustrate concepts. It's time for customer service to do the same.

Videos condense a vast amount of information into a short amount of time. Let's say you want to master the bow tie. The process can require hundreds of words to convey, and the reader might not understand the written descriptions of each stage. Or, you could watch a 10-second GIF, knot your tie expertly, and show up on time for your function.

One of the top four categories on YouTube is "how-to." It's frequently the first place people look for solutions to all kinds of problems, from learning how to tie bow ties to understanding how to utilize a product.

Consumers would rather watch a video than contact customer service to remedy a problem with a product or service. Make your support workflow stand out because 42% of customers are willing to pay up to 16% extra for a product that offers a warm, inviting experience. You can hire affordable video production services to help you create these user focused videos.

How Can Customer Service Videos Help You
  • Reduce time to resolution by providing quicker responses to queries.
  • Reduce tickets by assisting your clients in taking care of themselves.
  • Reduce support costs by expediting ticket closures
  • By making customer assistance an experience, you can increase customer satisfaction.

Boost retention by offering individualized relationships and careful attention

Effective customer service films provide information in a format that is simple to digest. The finest customer service videos create personalized relationships between clients and support staff, giving them a sense of being heard and cared for.

How to Use Video for Customer Service in 6 Ways
Construct a Video Knowledge Base

A knowledge-centered service (KCS) technique is essential because the majority of clients choose self-service assistance. Add client inquiries to your publicly accessible knowledge base so that other users may easily and quickly discover the solution.

You may already have a knowledge foundation, but by adding video to it, you can advance it. Videos can replace lengthy manuals, PDFs, and textual tutorials in an efficient manner. Your customers will appreciate how much faster (and more interesting) watching a movie is than reading a ton of content.

The Most Frequent Uses of Video in Your Knowledge Base

Troubleshooting: Provide clients with pre-packaged, simple-to-follow video tutorials to help them solve their difficulties.

Account Setup: Guide customers through the process of setting up, operating, and customizing their accounts to meet their needs.

Create a video FAQ with the answers to your customers' most frequent queries. For simple questions, customers can consult the FAQ rather than contacting assistance. (You can develop these FAQs into complete webinars on important support subjects.)

These knowledge base topics (and others) are simpler to understand when they are presented in video. By responding to these simple how-to queries up front, you may raise your deflection rate and free up more time for cases that require support.

The Benefits of a Video Knowledge Base for Video SEO

Pages with high-quality information are given priority by search engine algorithms. Adding video to your website is a fantastic method to raise its quality.

But in order to understand what your films are about, search engine crawlers need a bit more assistance. The gap is filled by giving your knowledge base movies descriptions and tags. A quick and effective technique to improve your site's search engine ranking is to embed SEO-optimized videos in it.

Support Ticket Resolution with Video

A straightforward how-to just won't do it all the time. Customers call support if your knowledge base is unable to resolve their issue.

Here, video shines as well. A video message allows you to stand out where previously you would have responded via text. Make individualized walkthroughs and demos to solve complicated problems quickly. Simply send the recording.

Support for Asynchronous Video

Asynchronous (or "pre-recorded") video can reduce or even get rid of:

Support for emails, calls, and chats: Condense a text novella, a protracted phone call, or a never-ending chat conversation into a video that users can watch, reread, and interact with at their own pace.

Annotated screenshots and remote logins: Directly capture your screen to demonstrate to the user what actions they need to take. To make sure they're doing it correctly, they can replay any confusing sections.

Precision in video is achieved through showing rather than by telling. Support is simplified, making it simpler for both the agent and the client. In the support process, tickets expire sooner.

Support staff may be more effective. Videos can also be reused as knowledge base content or for upcoming support requests. It benefits everyone.

Live Video Support

But, there are occasions when a pre-recorded video simply falls short, particularly when a one-to-one connection is essential to your customer experience.

Synchronous video gains much more power in this use situation. You may connect with consumers on the other side of the globe with video chat customer service to provide them the same amount of attention they would get if they visited a physical store.

The most to gain from this form of video chat support are high-end brands that take pride in providing a concierge service. Customized video customer service makes expensive transactions easier. Also, it's a better approach to assist customized product installations that need more complex troubleshooting than what is covered in simple how-tos.

Send videos of gratitude

After a support conversation, thanking users for their time is a terrific idea, especially if they didn't get the answer they were hoping for.

With a customised video from the support representative, do away with those dull emails. The most effective thank you messages include the client's name and make reference to the particulars of their help request. An eye-catching thumbnail that features your agent waving at the camera or holding out a piece of paper with the client's name closes the deal.

Make videos for customer onboarding

Making new users' first few days or weeks with your product simple is made possible by having a collection of customer onboarding films that you can send to them. Take your consumers through the starting process with these videos. After that, you can demonstrate to them how to use some of your product's best features.

The process of using your product is facilitated for clients via a top-notch onboarding experience. Also, they send less tickets to support for onboarding. Also, it increases the likelihood that customers will become committed in using the product, make the most of it, and eventually advocate for your company.

CRM integration and video analytics, improve customer service

A fantastic opportunity to boost the effectiveness of your entire customer service organization is through video integration. Your workflows become more efficient, and support outcomes increase thanks to tools like video CRM integration and video analytics.

Your customer support software (CSS) or customer relationship management (CRM) system can connect users with movies that can answer their problems in the simplest and most direct manner by incorporating video straight into the system.

Agents have the ability to produce and distribute videos from support responses, link videos to client case records automatically, and start other processes. Agents can be alerted to get in touch if a consumer, for instance, only sees a portion of a support video.

Use videos to instruct your customer service team

A visual aid makes the process of teaching someone something much simpler. (Thus, in essence, what is customer support?)

Customer service training films make it simple for learners to understand difficult concepts or workflows by demonstrating them on screen.

The best part is that they are simple to assemble. Just make a video once, then use it again and again.

The customer service training films in your collection allow new hires to work through them at their own pace or go over any they are having trouble understanding. Also, training videos are excellent for providing short references for your current staff members. They're much more engaging than a multi-page Word document and perfect for introducing new tools or techniques to your reps.

How to Get Customer Service Teams to Use Video Despite These Five Obstacles
Making high-quality videos that effectively represent the brand

Some merchants are concerned that their videos won't be visually or acoustically pleasing enough for viewers to watch. They worry that the quality of their films will be too poor if they are working with simply a webcam and a simple headset.

The most crucial factor isn't the quality of the video. veracity of the video. What your salespeople actually need is the built-in webcam and a screen recorder.

Allocating personnel resources and time for video production

Continuing from the previous point, you don't need to spend a lot of money to obtain your reps via video. All they require is a webcam and a mechanism to record video from their screen, such as the free screen recorder program from Vidyard.

Have your reps set aside a certain period of time once or more frequently. Video time is during that period. It will lessen interruptions and facilitate the production of videos.

Also, all of the videos that your salespeople produce during this period will accumulate into a collection of reusable video support materials. In the future, they will be able to swiftly respond to user Inquiries by consulting this library.

Making Engaging Customer Service Videos

Uncertain about the types of movies that your users will truly find helpful? Study the videos that other customer care teams are producing for ideas. For inspiration, browse our collection of customer care templates.

Having knowledge about video production

After their first video is captured, nobody becomes a video expert. Your salespeople will gain comfort and experience as they produce more and more video content because these qualities take time to acquire. In other words, they'll get better the more they practice.

Financing the creation of customer service videos

It's challenging to commit fully to a new tactic right away. Keep your initial video deployment brief, is our advise. Before making additional commitments, let your staff see video firsthand. They will benefit from a lengthier ramp-up phase as they develop their confidence and mastery.

After your team starts using video, monitor the impact it has on your KPIs. Are they improving your CSAT scores or speeding up resolution times?

Which statement do you like to make to your executive team? "Video is effective, I believe," or "Video is effective, and this concrete evidence demonstrates why," Use a controlled initial rollout to demonstrate the ROI of video, and then continue to increase support and adoption by leveraging this success.

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