Crowdfunding videos are more than just a way to raise money. They're an opportunity to build brand awareness, attract new customers and show how your business will disrupt an industry. With the right strategy, you can leverage your crowdfunding video long after your campaign ends.

Here are some top crowdfunding video production strategies we follow.

Show Yourself

Your business video is the most important part of your crowdfunding campaign. It needs to convey everything you want your potential investors to know and feel. You need to present your company as highly professional, with an extensive knowledge of your market and your competitors, yet still humble and empathetic towards others.

Tell a Story

Tell your story and create a deeper connection with potential investors. Narrative videos allow you to share the rich history of your product, service or business. Stories are memorable and people like to retell them. So if you can include a good story in your crowdfunding video, people are much more likely to share it. It might even stand a chance of going viral.

Messaging is Essential

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on a product that’s not going to help them, or solve a problem they are facing.  Video is so effective in ensuring the right message is delivered, it goes beyond simple words on the page.  You can turn viewers into backers with a well-crafted video.


Customer reviews provide a lens into the real world of everyday use, allowing you to build trust and show that your product helps customers like them. Listening to what people have to say helps you better understand your customers, fix problems, and improve your product over time.

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Fundraising or Crowdfunding Video Production

To capture your target audience's hearts and wallets you need a team that understands the intricacies of crowdfunding campaigns - our experts are just that. Utilizing our broad experience base as well as industry insights allows us to generate captivating copy that truly speaks to supporters ultimately leading them towards supporting your project.

In what ways can our crowdfunding production services benefit you?

We acknowledge that each project has its own set of requirements and our approach is customized accordingly. Our team works together with you to comprehend both - the vision and goals for the project along with understanding its target audience so that every element of a campaign is in line with its true purpose.

Our expertise lies in captivating storytelling, which is vital for capturing the interest and enthusiasm of potential backers. The passion you have for your project and its value are effectively communicated by weaving a compelling story around it with our persuasive and engaging copy

With so many ideas vying for attention in crowdfunding it’s vital to have an eye-catching headline that captures interest. Potential backers will be drawn in by our team's ability to create compelling and eye-catching headlines, and by utilizing language and psychology we develop intriguing headlines that incite curiosity and inspire further investigation.

At our company we have talented copywriters who can transform product features into desirable benefits. The main goal is to emphasize the unique selling points of your project and communicate its value proposition clearly to those who might support it. The positive impact and benefits offered by your project are emphasized in order to create a sense of urgency and motivate backers to take action

Any successful crowdfunding campaign requires a powerful call-to-action, and our strength lies in creating compelling and actionable calls-to-action that encourage visitors to commit their support. Our services ensure that your calls-to-action include either a clear and concise button or persuasive statement to provoke immediate action

Our understanding of the significance of search engine visibility for generating organic traffic towards your crowdfunding campaign drives our focus on SEO optimization. Incorporating relevant keywords and adhering to best practices, we carefully craft our copy with SEO in mind to enhance the discoverability of your campaign.

Our promise of support extends far beyond delivering optimized website copy. As you progress through your campaign, we offer continuous support and guidance to help fine-tune messaging while optimizing performance by adapting strategies for maximum success.

Our crowdfunding production services offer you an opportunity  to showcase your project with confidence on a global platform while we provide optimized text that is designed to capture the attention of backers who are willing to support your vision. With our assistance and the potential of crowdfunding, you can fulfill your ambitions and make them a reality. Take the first step and contact us today!

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Crowdfunding and fundraising videos can tell your brand story about your product and generate fundraising interest. We leverage platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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Optimize Your Sales Landing Page

Place our crowdfunding launch video on your sales page to expand interest and understand of what you stand for and how you product is valuable for your audience. Your video supply can also be shared on social media or email to expand your reach.

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Videos can be formatted for many devices and devices.

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"We’ve had a great deal of success, it’s a synchronized four week course that now has had over 1500 students, Who are from over 38 countries. So it’s a product that’s having a global impact (with $640,690 in lifetime sales!)"

Dr. William Li
Dr. William Li

“We had a HUGE launch and saw an exciting amount of traffic come to the summit landing page [and video]. Conversion rates were above 60%, and an impressive amount of users signed up for Teachable on the spot!”


"This is golden, Dallin. I had all these pieces in so many places it's hard to find them all. It's a more practical, comprehensive guide — Great to have a complete framework. I can't wait to help sell this"

Rodney D

"447 social shares and over 2,000 impressions with millions in the sales. This has been one of our longest running, most successful ads!"

Madison Braids
Madison Braids

“They were absolutely phenomenal! They helped my team, customers and messaging. It was exactly what my business needed to grow.”

Teri Ijeoma
Teri Ijeoma

“What an experience!! Thank you for all the coordination, everyone that was here was so great! Looking forward to meeting and talking about all things post production. Already have some ideas for Season 2!!”

Beth Gulotta
Beth Gulotta

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