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Teri Ijeoma implemented Video Supply into her high-ticket coaching program for $5M+ in lifetime growth using a full funnel video campaign including ads, online course trainings, YouTube videos and more.

YouTube Monetization and Growth Strategy:

Teri Ijeoma, a financial educator, and entrepreneur, aimed to establish a prominent presence on YouTube to share her knowledge, attract a broader audience, and monetize her channel effectively. This case study outlines the strategies employed to achieve these goals.

High-Quality, Professional Content

Teri Ijeoma's YouTube channel focused on producing high-quality, professional-looking content. Each video was meticulously crafted to provide valuable insights into financial literacy, trading, and investment. The content was engaging, clear, and designed to educate viewers. We produced a variety of video types to test performance from video podcasts to travel vlogs, training lessons, and documentary-style series.

Consistency and Schedule

A consistent upload schedule was maintained. Teri Ijeoma released new content at specified intervals, ensuring that her audience had fresh material to engage with regularly. This consistent approach helped to retain viewers' interest while also increasing watch time to contributed to monetizing and scaling her YouTube channel.

Audience Engagement

Teri actively engaged with her viewers, responding to comments and fostering discussions within the YouTube community. She acknowledged her audience's questions and concerns, building a loyal and interactive community. This also included frequently hosting live, in-person events for interaction and batch content creation for her YouTube channel to deepen customer relationships. As well as capture testimonials, behind the scenes and thought leadership style content from stage.

SEO Optimization and Keywords

Incorporating thorough SEO research, video titles, descriptions, and tags were optimized to enhance discoverability. This resulted in her videos ranking higher in search results, attracting a larger audience.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Teri collaborated with other financial educators and influencers in the industry. These collaborations expanded her channel's reach, facilitated cross-promotion, and exposed her content to a broader audience. These collaborations often look like being a guest on other notable podcasts or hosting interviews herself with thought leaders around the world.

Multiple Monetization Streams

Beyond AdSense revenue with YouTube, Teri diversified her income sources through live events, high-ticket coaching program, affiliate promotions, and more to leverage YouTube for multiple monetization streams.

Sponsorships and Brand Deals

Teri pursued sponsorship deals with companies in the financial and investment sector. These partnerships allowed her to generate additional revenue while offering her audience relevant products and services.

Educational Content

A significant portion of Teri's content focused on providing educational videos, particularly trading and investment tutorials. Her educational approach resonated with viewers seeking financial guidance.


Teri Ijeoma's YouTube channel and business experienced remarkable growth and monetization success:

  • Generated $5,382,500 and more in lifetime sales.
  • Increased high-ticket, paying customers to over 1,200.
  • Subscribers increased significantly, with a strong, engaged community.
  • Ad revenue from AdSense improved due to increased watch time and click-through rates.
  • Diversification of income streams reduced dependence on a single source of revenue.
  • Sponsorship deals and affiliate marketing contributed to additional income.
  • The channel's financial education content became highly sought after.
  • Increased social media following on Instagram, Facebook, and more.

“They were absolutely phenomenal! They helped my team, customers and messaging. It was exactly what my business needed to grow.”

Teri Ijeoma
Trade and Travel

"Seamlessly came into my team and helped with messaging and thinking through the story and pain points that my audience have."

Teri Ijeoma
Trade and Travel
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