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Are you ready to leverage the power of LinkedIn and expand your influence to grow your business?

With over 180 million users, it's time for you to build a bigger following, expand your influence and generate more sales. Video Supply builds an easy system for you to create consistent LinkedIn marketing content to help you grow your business. We will plan, edit, optimize, publish and manage all of your LinkedIn videos for continued growth and results. You film, we do the rest!

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What's Included

How It Works:

  1. Order LinkedIn Marketing
  2. Build your custom plan with us
  3. Batch film your videos once per month
  4. Grow your channel and business as our team does the rest!

What’s Included (Per Month):

  • LinkedIn Video Launch Strategy Session (1 Hour)
  • Monthly Consulting Sessions (1 Hour)
  • 8x Video Outlines (Bulleted Scripts To Guide Talking Points)
  • 8x LinkedIn Videos (2x Videos Per Week)
  • 12x Video Clips (Square And Vertical Formats)
  • 8x Optimized Thumbnails
  • Branded Motion Graphic Video Design
  • Branded Design for Profile and Company Page
  • LinkedIn Publishing and Management (SEO Titles, Descriptions, Keywords)
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dedicated Project Manager

It's time for you to finally make LinkedIn happen for your brand, without giving up all your time to do it yourself. You can build a successful channel (that grows your business) with help from our expert team!

Video Supply's LinkedIn Marketing Monthly Plan is designed to help you create, grow and leverage LinkedIn and video content to grow your business. Video Supply will guide you with customized strategy that fits your unique goals so your videos not only look great but get you results.


LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn video is quickly growing growing in popularity and impact, especially for professionals leveraging LinkedIn to grow their brand. Being a B2B platform for professionals to connect, posting videos can boost your professional and personal brand — especially when you follow a solid marketing strategy.

2 out of 3 (66%) marketers say they plan to use video content but how many are actually doing so? And 87% of LinkedIn video marketers say it’s been an effective channel for them. LinkedIn videos average 3x more engagement than text posts. Plus, videos developed for LinkedIn specifically (and not repurposed from other platforms), as well as published natively are five times more likely to increase sales conversions.

Since LinkedIn is built for professionals, posting low-quality videos with bad editing won't make the cut. You won't be taken seriously! In order to make your brand seem more professional and profitable, work with us (as video marketing experts) to create all your video content for you!

We'll work with you to build a solid marketing system to create and publish consistent content on LinkedIn that shows your business in the best way possible.

Want to talk about your project, ideas and goals first? Start with a free discovery call. 🚀

“The summit broke records with almost 70k registered, and attendees couldn't stop raving about the value throughout the sessions with over 152,383 leads.”


Software Company

"The workshop and resources helped me gain a lot more clarity about my business's marketing strategy and crystallizing our story."

Marguerite M.

"This is golden, Dallin. I had all these pieces in so many places it's hard to find them all. It's a more practical, comprehensive guide — Great to have a complete framework. I can't wait to help sell this"

Business Consultant

“We just showed the video during our end of year all hands and everyone LOVED it. Thank you so much for all your work. This video is amazing and we look forward to working with both of you again in the new year.”

— Sana Ahmed


Software Company
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Generating 5+ organic search leads per day.
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Produced a full-service video marketing and production plan to scale high-demand for content across LMS, social and online platforms.
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Produced multiple award-winning video campaigns generated millions in views and sales.
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Princess Cruises

Generated millions in views and sales with multiple brand awareness and sales campaigns.

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