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HB NEXT, a leading provider of safety and compliance solutions, recognized the power of video in enhancing their online education initiatives. Seeking to elevate their educational content, they partnered with Video Supply, a trusted video production services provider. This case study explores how Video Supply contributed to script development, on-site productions, animation creation, and other essential aspects of HB NEXT's online video strategy education projects.

Project Objectives:

  1. Enhance the educational quality and engagement of HB NEXT's online courses through professionally produced videos.
  2. Develop impactful video scripts that effectively communicate complex safety and compliance concepts.
  3. Execute on-site video productions to capture authentic and compelling content.
  4. Build animations and demos to simplify and illustrate intricate concepts for online learners.
  5. Contribute to the overall success of HB NEXT's online education projects through expert video production services.


  1. Needs Assessment and Script Development: Video Supply collaborated closely with HB NEXT to understand their educational goals. Through a meticulous needs assessment, they developed impactful video scripts that effectively communicated safety and compliance concepts.
  2. On-Site Video Productions: The Video Supply team conducted on-site video productions, capturing authentic footage to be incorporated into HB NEXT's online courses. Attention to detail, lighting, and sound ensured the highest production quality.
  3. Animation and Demo Creation: Video Supply utilized their expertise to create animations and demos that simplified complex concepts. This visual aid enhanced the learning experience, making it more accessible for online learners.
  4. Technical Excellence: Video Supply leveraged cutting-edge equipment and production techniques to ensure exceptional video and audio quality, meeting the high standards set by HB NEXT.
  5. Post-Production Services: The post-production phase involved meticulous editing, sound enhancement, and the integration of animations and demos into the final videos. Video Supply aimed to create a seamless and engaging educational experience.


The collaboration between Video Supply and HB NEXT resulted in significant achievements:

  • HB NEXT's online education projects were enriched with professionally produced videos, elevating the overall learning experience for their audience.
  • Impactful video scripts effectively communicated complex safety and compliance concepts, ensuring clarity and comprehension.
  • On-site video productions captured authentic content, enhancing the authenticity and relatability of the educational material.
  • Animations and demos simplified intricate concepts, making them more accessible and engaging for online learners.
  • The overall success of HB NEXT's online education projects was positively influenced by Video Supply's expert video production services.


Video Supply's collaboration with HB NEXT exemplifies the transformative impact of professional video production on online education. By addressing script development, on-site productions, animation creation, and post-production services, Video Supply played a pivotal role in enhancing the educational quality and engagement of HB NEXT's online courses.

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About HB NEXT:

Headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia, HB NEXT is a technology-enabled services company that provides a range of training, safety, and environmental compliance solutions to construction companies..  In business since 1999, HB NEXT has continually evolved to support the construction industry and now offers managed services and consulting, along with innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms SafetyCloud and StormCloud.

Construction Safety And Environmental Compliance Leaders

HB NEXT is proud to be an integral part of the Construction Ready program, which provides no-cost training for individuals looking for careers in the construction industry.  To date, the program has successfully placed over 1000 graduates in high-paying construction jobs in Georgia.

At HB NEXT, we understand the value of being able to provide effective data management support to construction firms, increasing ROI, and keeping employees safe.

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