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ViziSites, a leading provider of website design and marketing solutions for the healthcare industry, recognized the growing demand for high-quality video content among its clients. To meet this need, ViziSites partnered with Video Supply, a reputable video production company, to deliver professional-grade brand videos and photos to their healthcare clients. This case study explores the successful white label video production partnership between ViziSites and Video Supply.


ViziSites aimed to enhance its service offerings by providing its healthcare clients with engaging and visually compelling brand videos and photos. The primary objective was to leverage Video Supply's expertise in video production to create custom-tailored content that effectively showcased the unique value propositions of each client's healthcare practice.


  1. Needs Assessment: ViziSites conducted a thorough needs assessment to identify the specific video content requirements of its healthcare clients. This included understanding the target audience, messaging objectives, and branding guidelines.
  2. Strategic Partnership: ViziSites partnered with Video Supply to leverage their extensive experience and expertise in video production. Video Supply was entrusted with the task of producing high-quality brand videos and photos that aligned with ViziSites' clients' objectives and brand identities.
  3. Creative Collaboration: ViziSites and Video Supply collaborated closely throughout the production process, from conceptualization to final delivery. This involved brainstorming creative ideas, developing scripts, planning shoots, and executing production to ensure the desired outcomes were achieved.
  4. White Label Solution: Video Supply operated under a white label arrangement, allowing ViziSites to brand the video content as their own and seamlessly integrate it into their service offerings. This enabled ViziSites to maintain consistency in branding and provide a cohesive experience for their clients.


The partnership between ViziSites and Video Supply yielded significant results:

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction: ViziSites' healthcare clients were highly satisfied with the quality and professionalism of the brand videos and photos produced by Video Supply. The engaging content effectively showcased their practices and helped them connect with their target audience.
  • Increased Brand Value: By offering high-quality video content as part of their service packages, ViziSites enhanced its value proposition and differentiated itself from competitors in the healthcare marketing industry. The partnership with Video Supply strengthened ViziSites' reputation as a trusted provider of comprehensive marketing solutions.
  • Streamlined Operations: The white label arrangement with Video Supply allowed ViziSites to seamlessly integrate video production services into their existing workflows without the need for additional resources or infrastructure. This streamlined operations and maximized efficiency for both parties.

The white label video production partnership between ViziSites and Video Supply exemplifies the power of collaboration in delivering high-quality marketing solutions to clients in the healthcare industry. By leveraging Video Supply's expertise and resources, ViziSites was able to enhance its service offerings, increase client satisfaction, and strengthen its position as a leader in healthcare marketing. This case study demonstrates the value of strategic partnerships in meeting the evolving needs of clients and driving mutual success in competitive markets.

“We’ve loved working with you guys, you are who you say you are. Our clients have loved the work you’ve been doing. It’s next level! Really happy with the relationship and partnership we have going on.”

CEO, ViziSites

"Thank you everyone for making yesterday such a success! We should have a ton of great content to work with - major shoutout to Video Supply for working through the craziness of life at an animal hospital!"

Smith Animal Hospital

"Ahhh it turned out great!! We love the brand video for our client, North Atlanta Family Denistry."

Vice President of Operations, ViziSites

"We have worked with VS on multiple projects and have been very impressed with their process! They are very thorough in pre-production communications and calls to ensure the shoot day goes off without a hitch, and post-production processing happens in a timely manner. They've been very responsive & accurate with edits when we've needed them, although their editing team has great attention to detail as well, so our edits have not been many. Definitely recommend!"

Vice President of Operations, ViziSites

All I can say is WOW! Amazing work on the Opticare vid, I’m blown away!

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