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Jamie McGuire, an acclaimed author and educator, recognized the significance of video content in online courses. She embarked on a journey to elevate her online teaching experience by partnering with a trusted video production service to create high-quality course content. This case study delves into Jamie McGuire's successful collaboration with Video Supply's video production services, detailing the objectives, approach, and outcomes of her endeavor.

Jamie McGuire, known for her best-selling novels and expertise in writing and storytelling, aimed to expand her educational influence by launching an online course. Understanding the power of video in enhancing the learning experience, she sought a professional video production service to bring her vision to life.

Project Objectives:

  1. Create engaging and informative video content for her online course.
  2. Ensure high production quality to align with Jamie McGuire's brand.
  3. Optimize the learning experience for her students through compelling visual content.


  1. Needs Assessment: Jamie McGuire collaborated closely with the video production service to outline her course's goals, target audience, and specific video requirements.
  2. Pre-Production Planning: A comprehensive pre-production plan was developed, encompassing scriptwriting, location scouting, casting, and setting production schedules.
  3. On-Site Production: The video production service's team worked in tandem with Jamie McGuire, capturing content that conveyed her expertise and teaching style. They paid meticulous attention to lighting, sound, and cinematography to ensure the highest quality.
  4. Technical Expertise: The video production service leveraged its technical expertise to guarantee exceptional video and audio quality. They employed the latest equipment and techniques to enhance production values.
  5. Post-Production Excellence: Post-production involved video editing, sound enhancement, and the addition of graphics and animations to enhance the educational content.


The collaboration between Jamie McGuire and the video production service yielded remarkable results:

  • Jamie McGuire's online course was enriched with engaging, informative video content, elevating the learning experience for her students.
  • The videos aligned seamlessly with Jamie McGuire's brand, maintaining a consistent image and reputation for quality.
  • The production quality of the videos enhanced the overall professionalism and appeal of the course.
  • Students benefited from high-quality visuals, sound, and content, resulting in increased engagement and improved learning outcomes.
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