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Course creation services to help you share your knowledge profitably.

We will plan, create and market your online course that sells your knowledge, creates passive income and impacts people’s life in a bigger way! You’ve put in the time and effort to become an expert in your field. Now it's time to monetize those skills.

Your brand and deserves the best — and that’s what we deliver!

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What's Included

How it works:

  1. Schedule a free discovery call
  2. Identify your custom project scope and goals
  3. Approve a custom proposal
  4. Sign services agreement
  5. Pay invoice
  6. Complete your project!

Every custom course video project includes the following:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Custom Video and Course Launch Strategy
  • Custom Project Management Dashboard
  • Integration with all essentials tools: Asana, Slack, Google, Frame
  • Scheduling and creative project management for all teams
  • Custom scope of deliverables and services based on your event needs

*After a clear project scope and budget is approved and signed, then our team will send a custom invoice.


Online Course

You’re ready to launch an online course if...
  • Past course launches drained your time, money and energy
  • Your current course sales system is falling flat
  • You’re a recognized expert, author and leader in your space and ready to diversify your income and level up your authority
  • You have years of industry experience with a published book, engaged online following of people eager for more
  • You know you want to create a course but don’t know where to start
  • You have a powerful message you’re confident will impact many people around the world.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to plan, create and market an online course with expert guidance.

Confidently Launch Your First (Or Next) Online Course

Work with a team of experts in marketing, film production, product development to help you capture your brand, message and knowledge perfectly in a sellable, digital product.

Our Course Launch Process
  1. Research: We help you clearly understand your audience, your messaging and offer. After a series of surveys, interviews and market research we present a detailed course launch plan that will attract your perfect customer.
  2. Curriculum Design: We develop a comprehensive course curriculum, inspired by all existing products or content like published books, consulting offers, industry publications, etc. We identify a step-by-step plan your customers must follow to be successful and that becomes the course blueprint.
  3. Video Production: Your course and advertising videos will be professionally filmed in studio, making you look and feel your best self. Your Course Director will help guide your content delivery with scripts, outlines and guidance to capture the best messages possible.
  4. Tech Development: As our team edits and designs all course and marketing materials, we set up all tech required to package the product to sell, receive payment and seamlessly guide your customers through the buyer’s process.
  5. Launch And Scale: Using proven marketing strategies, we launch your course to the world using direct response, paid advertising and email campaigns to position your new (or next product) as the top choice in the industry.
Want to talk about your project, ideas and goals first? Start with a free discovery call. 🚀

“Thanks so much, the sales have been strong, and your dedication, strategy and patience through the campaign was exactly what we needed to generate over $66,196 on my first launch.”

Dr. Uma Naidoo

Nutritional Psychiatrist

“Believe it or not, we have had several purchases in the past 24 hours as you said. THANKS Dallin for ALL your work leading up to today in generating over $66K on this launch!”

Dr. Uma Naidoo

Nutritional Psychiatrist

“The summit broke records with almost 70k registered, and attendees couldn't stop raving about the value throughout the sessions with over 152,383 leads.”


Software Company

“I had no idea how to put my thoughts and vision into something that would allow people to learn. They helped me take ideas, skills and message in my head and put it into a platform that allowed my coaches to learn. I was able to launch a successful online course. The content was so clear and successful.”

Brianna Battles

Athletic Performance Coach
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Clients Who Loved This Service

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Julie Chenell

$1M+ Profits, 3x'd Email List, Forbes Feature
clients image

Yvonne Sama

Successful video production and launch of Yvonne's DIY Dreamer To Doer online course for her audience of over 2.27 million.
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Produced a full-service video marketing and production plan to scale high-demand for content across LMS, social and online platforms.
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Brianna Battles

Generated $200K+ online course sales with strategic video marketing.

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