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Video Supply developed and implemented a custom video marketing strategy for Shunta's brand. We identified key messaging and marketing strategies to uplevel her authority and influence. Then, our expert team went on to produce a full campaign of video ads, YouTube episodes and video sales letters.


  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased sales
  • Increased engagement

About Shunta:

Shunta Grant is a Business Educator who helps other visionary leaders grow their business with heart. Video Supply produce a full campaign of video ads, YouTube episodes and video sales letters. She is the modern day woman feels pressure to “do it all,” which ultimately results in a life of busy-ness.  I help women live life on the other side of busy through content, community and products that meet you right where you are and guide you on the journey to the other side of busy, so that you can live free from the tension and discontentment brought on by a constant state of busy.

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