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Brand Story Video Production
From $2,500

Work with Video Supply to create a high-impact brand story video specifically designed to attract, educate, and convert high-paying customers.

A brand story video captures the most powerful elements of your business into a 2-5 minute video that can be seen from around the world. This one marketing asset will become one of the most effective and profitable strategies for small to mid-size businesses.

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What's Included

We supply scalable services for any type of business from solo startup founders to large organizations.

Here's what's included with your brand story video.

  • 2-5 minute video
  • Story and marketing strategy consulting (1-2 hours virtual planning)
  • Half-day, in-person video production
  • Professional cinematography, audio and lighting
  • Video editing optimized for engagement, emotions and action
  • All production costs covered (travel, rentals, etc.)
  • Repurposed video formats for web and social media

Brand Story Video

An amazing product or service isn’t enough to fuel your company's growth. To thrive, your company has to attract customers and build their trust with honest, unique messaging.

Brand storytelling is a proven method for relating to your customers on a more personal level. When you tell your entire company story—your purpose, values, how it benefit others — people will realize that they share the same beliefs and aspirations as your brand. With this connection, the demand for your product or service skyrockets.

There are many benefits when you invest in a brand story video.

  • Distribute your brand story video across your website, social video ads, YouTube trailer, employee onboarding and more
  • Show off your company's vision and values
  • Increase sales and conversions
  • Generate more qualified leads
  • Build brand awareness with your perfect audience
  • Maximize content and visibility on social media
  • Attract your ideal target market
  • Re-market website visitors
Share Your Story

Your brand story is unique. Let's leverage your powerful message and create an impactful film to grow your business.

Build Your Brand

Position this strategic video in your marketing funnel to attract and educate potential customers and how they can benefit from your business.

Gets Results 24/7

Your brand story video will be your always-on sales team to bring in new business.

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"Over 60,000 views and 350 engagements with my brand story video — people loved it!"

Julie Chenell

Digital Insiders Mastermind

"This video F'ing ROCKS! So pleased! It's time the masses saw this awesomeness!!!"

Culture Rx

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Clients Who Loved This Service

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Balance 365

Multiple product launches, social ads and workshops generating $100K+ in sales.
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Run Like Clockwork

Sales: $283,500, Leads: 2500+
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Produced multiple award-winning video campaigns generated millions in views and sales.
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YouTube launch and marketing for Creamarie Ice Cream Co.

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