No doubt, Pinterest is one of the most inspirational platform in digital marketing. A lot of businesses are posting their products and services on Pinterest to attract more customers.

Having an attention-grabbing pin can make a huge impact on your social media engagement. But first, you need to make a clear visual motif of what you want to post in this platform. After that, you can create different visual assets in various ratios.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the best practices of Pinterest marketing with videos. Videos, these are the trending assets in digital marketing, so let’s make the most out of it.

Aspect Ratios Matter

For video production, make sure they are mobile-friendly since most Pinterest users are on their phone. Nevertheless, curating videos that are friendly for all devices, that’s the best thing to do. 

For videos on Pinterest, the best aspect ratios will be 1:1, 2:3, or 9:16. Vertical videos must be your priority for your video marketing.

Make Creative Idea Pins

Pins are like bookmarks on Pinterest. When users search on this platform, if they find something interesting, they save the pin to that post or account. When they want to learn more about a certain idea, they click on the pin they have saved on their Pinterest account.

Between a regular pin and an idea pin, the latter can last for more than 24 hours. An idea pin can appear on your home feed or in other areas on your app. They’re usually found at the top left of the Pin. 

What makes Idea Pins helpful for your business?

By using this feature, you can share around 20 video pages, static images, or text on Pinterest. This allows a creator to share wonderful ideas for all users. You can even feature your product on idea pins, and let prospect customers learn more about it.

If you want to learn more how to create idea pins, learn more here.

Keep your Pinterest videos concise and attractive

Like Facebook Reels and Shorts, keeping your Pinterest videos short and catchy is the best. Keep its runtime between 6 to 15 seconds. This is great for catching the attention of your users, and leading them to a page where they’ll know more about your business.

The same concept applies to YouTube video production. YouTube shorts are short and attention-grabbing. It gives a sneak peak of what your channel is all about. That said, Social media video production is an exciting experience for all creators. 

Silent Pinterest videos are trending

Majority of users, they like videos that have no sound but with captions. That said, on your online video production, making use of strong captions added to your muted videos is great. It helps them focus on the copy or visuals of your content.

Take note, keep your copy short and persuasive. Your Pin can contain 500 characters while the video title can be 100 characters.  Use wisely every character on these areas, so you’re confident that your Pinterest videos would up your engagement.

Understand your target audience

Market research is a good way to better understand your target viewers. Once you understand them, you have a better way to improve your video production.

Pinterest is an excellent platform for finding inspiration and aspirations. You can add different assets there that would represent various mood boards of your audience. Even when your brand is not yet known, don’t be sad since 97% of most searches are unbranded. That means you have a great opportunity to grow on Pinterest.

If you don’t have the proper equipment of curating quality videos, you can always hire a video production agency near me. Hire one that offers reasonable price for quality service. Most of all, one that can produce videos that represents your brand voice.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can videos be pinned on Pinterest? 

Of course! Business accounts have the feature to pin their Pinterest videos. You can sign up for a free Pinterest business account and try it. There’s a built-in analytics inside this platform to help you monitor your video performance.

What’s the average length of Pinterest videos?

It can be between six to fifteen seconds long. But you can make videos there up to 15 minutes long.

Is it easy to create Pins on Pinterest?

The process is the same as your making videos online or offline. Just take note of the best aspect ratios for your videos, that is, 1:1 or 2:3.

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