Having a great video production company is always a good idea.

But as you're searching for one, how do you find one that's really going to turn out quality work for your business?

The right portfolio

When choosing a video production company for your project, it's important to find someone who has experience in the same industry as you.

Look for a portfolio on their website or find a way to watch some of their past projects.

This can let you know what kind of style they have and whether they are competent in producing videos that you will be pleased with.

Explore our curated video portfolio here to get ideas for your next video campaign.

They fit your niche

There are hundreds of video production companies out there, yet which one can better serve you?

Which of them can effectively match your brand voice of your target audience?

These are critical questions you need to look into when finding the best videographer for your business.

They have the experience

When it comes to video production, the more experienced the company, the better. That’s because they can craft more effective video strategies for promoting your business.

An experienced company isn’t necessarily a great one, but that usually is the case; you don’t survive in the industry long enough if you are terrible at your job. Feel free to hire novice video production services but if you don’t want to experiment, just go for an incumbent firm that knows its way around the art.

Highly Professional

It's important to find a video production company that you feel comfortable working with. After all, you'll be spending a lot of time with them!

When looking for a company, look for professionalism.

Some things to look for include:

  • Do they respond too slowly or negotiate too much?
  • Do they answer your questions thoroughly and politely?
  • Do they have a sense of humor?
  • Do they respond promptly to emails or text messages?
Produce Quality Videos

The companies you're looking at have to be able to produce videos of a certain production value standard. Do their videos match the kind of quality that goes up on the big screen? If not, it's probably time to take them out of the running.

If you want your video to be seen by lots of people, then it has to be produced with a certain level of quality. The companies you're looking at should be able to create videos with:

  • Good audio
  • Clear images and lighting
  • Well-edited footage
  • A great script
  • They match your brand and culture

When you're looking for a production company, it's important to make sure that the two of you are on the same page. When we say "on the same page," we mean that your ideas and beliefs will align with theirs.

You have to be able to trust that they'll understand your vision and work toward it, and vice versa. This is why it's so crucial to find out what a company's culture is like before you hire them.

Some companies may have a very strict idea of what they like and don't like, while others are more open-minded about different kinds of content.

If you're worried about whether or not a production company matches your culture, then just ask! Perhaps, let them create a story brand about your business, and you can start from there.


If you’re on the lookout for a video production agency, you may notice that some of them offer the same services at different prices. This is because there are many factors that affect how much it costs to hire a company to make your video.

First, there are fixed costs: things like equipment rental, crew salaries and travel expenses. Then there are variable costs: things like post-production editing fees or location fees.

As with everything in business, the final decision is primarily based on the cost of a video. If you’ve got a budget set it’ll be easier to filter out companies. Preferably be more flexible with the budget, as quality videos can often be expensive.

Produces video on time

It's important to choose a video production company that can manage time efficiently. If you need your project completed by a specific deadline, the last thing you want is for your video to look rushed or for it to be delivered late.

Huge Clientele

A big clientele is a great sign. It's one thing to have an impressive client portfolio, but it's another thing entirely when the company has clients from multiple industries and different types of businesses.

If you're looking for a video production service, it's important to know that the company in question has worked with other companies like yours—and that they're still around to tell the tale!


Think twice before booking a video production company that can't get to your location.

Even if you've found the perfect match, logistical issues can come between you and your chosen video production company. If your shoot is in an area inaccessible to the crew, or the company doesn't have the necessary equipment to shoot your video, the production will crumble.

When choosing a video production company, make sure it has everything it needs to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to explore if Video Supply is the right fit for your business.

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