Brands today deliver their messages through the power of tales to have a bigger impression.

Although it is not new, storytelling has increasing power. Brands are turning to storytelling as a means to engage with their audience more deeply as consumers want more from enterprises. By telling a story, you may better explain who you are, what you do, and why your product is important to your audience. This is through your explainer video production services.  You can also talk about the difference your product or service has made in the lives of your clients.

We've all heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

Pictures are still vital, it's simply that they now only make up a small portion of a broader narrative. Our favorite Facebook posts, the advertising we read, and the commercials we watch all contribute to a larger story that increases brand recognition and loyalty.

Stories have always been a powerful tool for brand building and customer engagement—and today's consumers are craving them more than ever before. But if you're going to tell a good story in your commercial, there are some important elements to keep in mind:

Make it Quick
commercial video production service

So you've got your script, you've cast your actors, and you're ready to shoot your commercial for your commercial video production services. But something still feels off.

You know you need to keep it snappy, but how do you fit everything into just 30 seconds?

The answer is: You don't.

You have to pick the most important part of your story and tell it in a way that makes sense and doesn't feel rushed or jumbled. We suggest picking the core of your story—the thing that will make people want to buy what they're selling—and then cutting out all the rest.

The key is balancing information and entertainment value. If you can tell a compelling story in less than 5 seconds, you're doing it right.

Make it Enjoyable
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Commercial storytelling is challenging. It's not like you can merely describe your product or service, which is boring and irrelevant. But what if you could make it enjoyable?

You may create a narrative about the history of your brand, the origins of your product, or how you came up with the concept for your firm. Or perhaps the topic is simply how wonderful it is to work for your organization! 

Anything that is entertaining and encourages people to make a purchase from you is acceptable, whether it be animation, puppetry, or live actors. This is highly important when you create videos for your animated video production services. 

You want to engage the audience, and you want them to remember what you're selling. You want them to be able to relate to it, even if they're not in the market for what you're selling.

That's why it's so important that your story isn't just informative—it needs to be fun and engaging, too.

Make it Comprehensible
comprehensible video commercial

You want to tell a tale in your commercial that your target audience can identify with.

Making your product relatable is simple whether it is something like a computer or a car. You can display a man driving his brand-new vehicle to work or a person using their brand-new laptop to place an online purchase for groceries.

What if your product is something that people don't often see? How can it be made to be relatable?

One technique is to demonstrate how the product benefits consumers in their day-to-day activities. Let's take the case of a weight loss product, for instance. We could demonstrate a woman who has battled her weight for years finally losing weight after just one month of using our supplement.

This will promote our goods because when people witness someone who resembles them succeeding in something they've desired for a long time, they will be inspired to succeed as well.

Make it Distinct
engaging video hook

How do you do that?

First of all, you need to make sure that your commercial from your promotional video production company has an engaging hook. Your hook is the first thing that grabs your audience's attention and makes them want to stick around for more. It's also what makes people remember your commercial later on.

But how do you come up with a good hook? Well, the first thing you have to do is think about what makes your product or service special. Then ask yourself: "What would I love about it if I were watching this commercial?" That's where your hook should come from—what would make YOU want to watch this commercial? And then once you've figured out what would make YOU want to watch it, put those things into the commercial itself!

Make it Relevant
captivating commercial videos

When telling a story, it's important to make sure it's relevant. You don't want your audience to get lost in the details or have them think "What does this have to do with me?"

Make sure your story is relevant by using words and phrases that are familiar to your audience. If you're selling a new type of car, for example, you might want to mention that it has more horsepower than other models on the market. This will help your audience understand that this is an upgrade from what they've experienced before.

Make it Impactful
impactful commercial video

It's not enough to just tell your audience that you have a great product, or to make them feel something. You also have to give them a reason why they should feel it. If your product helps people do something they love, tell them that. If it makes their lives easier and more enjoyable, tell them that.

If you want to be remembered, make sure the story is engaging and impactful enough that people will want to tell it again and again—and not just because they're excited about what you're selling, but because it's a great story in its own right.

How Can I Make My Commercial Video Story More Engaging
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It takes a careful fusion of creativity, storytelling, and strategic thought to produce an engaging ad. Think about the following advice to make your advertisement captivating and unforgettable.

First, create a story or notion that will appeal to your target audience first. Create a distinctive angle or hook to differentiate your commercial from others in your field. To engage viewers more deeply, add elements of surprise, humor, or emotion.

Second, pay attention to the aural and visual components. To attract attention, use eye-catching photography, vivid colors, and dynamic camera movements. To increase the overall effect, use high-quality audio, such as background music and voiceovers. Additionally, keep the advertisement succinct and focused, effectively communicating the main point within the allowed time.

Finally, think of using storytelling devices like a relatable protagonist, a problem-solution framework, or an engrossing plot that develops throughout the commercial.

Here are some examples on how you can make your commercial video more interesting:

1. Emotional Appeal: Share a touching tale that appeals to viewers' emotions. For instance, highlight the personal journey of the person whose life your product or service has favorably impacted.

2. Laughter: Add some humor to your advertisement to make it more entertaining and memorable. Use witty phrasing, amusing circumstances, or realistic situations that can make viewers smile and foster a good association with your company.

3. Unusual Approach: Surprise your audience by straying from typical commercial conventions. Try out unusual visual techniques, surprising turns, or offbeat tales to subvert viewers' expectations and leave them with a lasting impression.

4. Interactive features: Include interactive features in your advertisement to draw in readers. Inviting customers to take part in a social media challenge, offering interactive material on your website, or incorporating augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) experiences are a few examples of how to do this.

5. Influencer or Celebrity Endorsements: Work with well-known people or influential people who support your business. Their support can spark curiosity and establish trust, drawing in your target market.

Final Thoughts

Make sure that your client is on board with what you're trying to do and that you and your team can do it. This will help you "tell a better story" through commercials in your corporate video production company. There's basically nothing stopping you from attempting if you have excitement for the project and the tools (artistic and financial) to see it through.

We believe that this post can clarify what makes excellent commercial storytelling. There is still more to learn since this is only the beginning. However, with the proper equipment, which is described above, you can tell better stories that captivate viewers and, ideally, persuade them to buy your good or service.

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