Many companies face difficulties in acquiring customers due to a mismatch between investment and return. This often stems from a lack of relevance in their communications, leading to low engagement among their target audience.

Personalization offers a solution to this challenge. But you can always lean on affordable video production services to help you with that.

The use of personalization in customer acquisition, as stated by McKinsey, can lead to a 50% reduction in costs. When combined with the impactful nature of video content, video personalization becomes even more crucial in helping brands tailor their communications to be more relevant and resonate with their target audience.

These video marketing statistics are essential to consider as you plan and execute your video content strategy for your business.

Relevant statistics Between Customer Engagement and Video Marketing
  • The use of personalized video content has been shown to lead to a 93% increase in conversion rates according to EConsultancy, and personalized email videos have an impressive 8 times higher click-through rate compared to standard email campaigns and a corporate video production company can attest to that.
  • Personalizing call-to-action has been proven to result in 202% more conversions compared to non-personalized ones (Hubspot), and 40% of CEOs have reported that personalization has led to an increase in sales, market size, and profit through direct-to-consumer channels (Forbes).
  • Personalization has been noted by more than 98% of marketers to improve customer relationships (KoMarketing), and personalized videos have a higher click-to-open rate and a 4.5 times higher unique click-through rate compared to generic videos (
  • Businesses have reported a 47% and 36% improvement in customer loyalty and satisfaction with the use of personalized marketing (Qualifio), however, according to 74% of experts, less than 10% of the marketing budget is allocated towards personalization efforts (VideoForm).
Important Statistics on Custom Video Marketing Trends
  • 97% of organizations aim to increase their personalization budgets to better cater to specific consumer interests (Business2Community), and 94% of senior executives consider personalization to be crucial in connecting with customers (Kernel).
  • Personalized videos have an average 164% higher CTR and an 86% click-through rate compared to generic videos, which only average a 34% click-through rate (Pirsonal and Kernel).
  • 97% of marketers aim to maintain or increase their investment in personalization (Salesforce), with 68% relying solely on rules-based targeting while 40% use machine-learning algorithms or a combination of both (Evergage).
Final Thoughts

In conclusion, these are the key video marketing statistics to consider when creating a strategy for your business.

They emphasize the significance of video communication and the impact of personalization in enhancing its effectiveness. Many commercial video production services understand the importance of this, that’s why they can help you make high-converting video contents.

Personalizing your videos makes your audience feel recognized and valued, leading to improved engagement and higher chances of acquiring customers with a better return on investment.

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