Video Supply specializes in producing engaging, stunning, and creative TV commercials. From traditional to Connected TV and In-Flight TV experiences, Video Supply are experts at producing the best possible TV commercials within your budget.

What is TV Commercial Production?

Commercials are advertisements that are placed for viewing via television, streaming or cable, during television shows, movies, sporting events, news, and more.

Commonly, commercials or TV advertisements vary in length between 5 seconds and several minutes based on the format or distribution channel.

TV (Television) commercials are one of the most effective ways for businesses, brands and celebrities to market their products or services. TV commercials not only give brands instant access to consumers through television content but are also the most proven way to generate immediate results.

Why use a TV Commercial?

There are many advantages to using TV advertising as a marketing strategy. TV advertising allows you to reach mass audiences with a single ad spot, and people still spend around five hours per day watching TV. Most consumers are likely to make a purchase after viewing a TV commercial. The creative options for creative, well-made ads offer many opportunities for success for your business.

Why use Video Supply for your TV commercial video production?

Rates throughout the industry are competitive, especially in Los Angeles and New York. Video Supply offers exceptionally competitive rates to produce high quality TV commercials that drive results. Unlike other companies that aim to sell you a product regardless of your desires, we get straight to the point: do you have a solid team of marketing experts, and are you willing to work with us to make a high quality commercial for your product or service? Then we can create the best commercial for you at an affordable rate.

Where do you use a TV Commercial?

Are you looking to create awareness for your company, your concept, or your product? TV commercials are still one of the most effective ways to do it. A commercial on regular, over-the-air TV can be done nationally or regionally, can be targeted to a particular DMA (designated market area), and there are a variety of audience demographics that can be selected. On digital TV (Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, etc.) the choices increase dramatically.

How do you create a TV Commercial?

TV commercials are designed to be memorable, in an effort to build awareness of your company and provide customers with a reason to visit your business or website. Using state-of-the-art equipment and creative professionals that have decades of combined experience, we create TV commercials that are unique and specifically focused on your target audience.

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TV Commercial Production

Maximize Sales

A commercial is any video designed for various ad placements across digital channels. It’s typically aimed at one particular goal, like driving brand awareness or increasing conversions.

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Stand Out And Profit

Commercials allow you to capture consumers’ attention across a variety of channels. Take advantage of the dynamic nature of video to stand out on crowded feeds and search results pages.

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Share Your Story

Commercials are typically lifestyle productions. Lifestyle shoots are what you likely imagine when you think of a commercial. They create a narrative around your product or service with beautiful visuals and often require sourcing talent or locations.

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Generate More Traffic, Leads And Sales

Commercials can be distributed on any platform or network that has video-supported ads. Common examples include all the popular social media platforms, YouTube, Amazon, OTT (streaming services), and, of course, Broadcast TV.

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Videos can be formatted for many devices and devices.

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We develop a strategy that supports your goals and drives massive ROI.

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TV Commercial

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Trusted by brands around the world.

Wowowwww!! The music, colors, and fonts are such a VIIIIBE!!! You killed this!!!

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Danielle Leslie

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"We're so grateful for your work. And we were we were really happy with the results of our UGC and experienced many top-performing videos for our marketing campaign. Can't wait to work with Video Supply again!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TV commercial service?

A business that produces and distributes commercials specifically designed for television advertisement is usually called a TV commercial service.

What types of TV commercials can be created?

From short advertising clips that last just fifteen seconds to thirty second and sixty second-long ads there is a range of different formats for TV commercials and it's possible to showcase a variety of goods and services through both animated and live-action videos.

Can you explain how a TV commercial is created from start to finish?

To create a TV commercial requires several processes that take place in different phases starting from developing an idea to writing the blueprint then selecting cast members followed by animation or filming before finalizing it in post-production.

In general terms what would be considered an appropriate length of time for creating a TV commercial?

Creating a TV commercial timeline can be influenced by various factors such as project complexity and adherence to production schedules followed by advertising agencies or services, and on average it takes anywhere between several weeks and a few months for the process to be completed.

How much money does it take to produce a commercial for television?

TV commercials can be created at varying costs that mainly depend on their length along with their level of complexity and production quality, depending on the specifics involved in the production process and materials required costs may run from a few thousand up to hundreds of thousands.

What positive outcomes can you expect from utilizing a TV commercial service?

A TV commercial service provides more than just access to professional equipment and production resources - they also have the know-how to create compelling advertising content that resonates with audiences aside from taking care of commercial distribution for their clients' sake on different media platforms such as TV networks and stations.

To evaluate the efficacy of a TV commercial one could analyze whether there has been an increase in sales numbers or site visits post-broadcast.

Determining the effectiveness of a TV commercial involves analyzing numerous factors including viewership rates along with metrics such as brand awareness, sales conversion rates & level of consumer engagement, and companies that provide commercial services may also offer analytical and reporting instruments for monitoring their effectiveness.

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