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In collaboration with Zendesk, Video Supply spearheaded the development, scripting, editing, and strategic leadership for TikTok-first videos, marking a transformative chapter in Zendesk's social media marketing. This case study delves into our innovative approach, showcasing how short-form video production services redefined Zendesk's presence on the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

Project Objectives:

  1. TikTok-First Approach: Develop short-form videos tailored specifically for TikTok, aligning with Zendesk's marketing goals.
  2. Engaging Storytelling: Craft compelling narratives to captivate TikTok's audience within the brief and vibrant format.
  3. Strategic Leadership: Lead the strategic direction for Zendesk's social media marketing, ensuring synergy with the brand's identity.


  1. TikTok-Optimized Development: Tailored content to fit TikTok's unique format, focusing on quick engagement and fostering connection with Zendesk's target audience.
  2. Compelling Scripting: Developed concise and impactful scripts that resonated with TikTok users, delivering key brand messages effectively within the platform's constraints.
  3. Editing Mastery: Meticulously edited videos for maximum impact, ensuring seamless storytelling and visual appeal in alignment with TikTok's energetic style.
  4. Strategic Direction: Provided strategic leadership, aligning short-form video content with Zendesk's broader marketing goals and ensuring cohesion with the brand's overall messaging.


The collaboration yielded remarkable results for Zendesk's social media marketing:

  • TikTok Success: The TikTok-first videos effectively engaged the platform's audience, garnering attention and fostering a vibrant community around Zendesk.
  • Compelling Narratives: Short-form videos successfully conveyed Zendesk's messages with brevity, capturing the essence of the brand in a format designed for rapid consumption.
  • Enhanced Social Presence: The strategic approach and visually appealing content contributed to Zendesk's heightened social media presence, particularly on TikTok.


Video Supply's short-form video production services significantly elevated Zendesk's social media marketing strategy. By embracing the unique dynamics of TikTok, we successfully crafted engaging narratives that resonated with the platform's audience.

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