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Whole Earth Brands, a renowned global manufacturer and distributor of natural sweeteners, recognized the growing importance of video marketing in promoting their products. To enhance their digital presence and engage with their target audience effectively, Whole Earth Brands decided to collaborate with Video Supply, a leading video production agency. This case study explores the partnership between Whole Earth Brands and Video Supply, focusing on the creation of branded videos for Whole Earth Brands' flagship product, Swerve Sweetener.

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Whole Earth Brands had been experiencing steady growth in the natural sweetener market, and they aimed to amplify their brand visibility through compelling video content. They sought to highlight the benefits, versatility, and delicious taste of their Swerve Sweetener, an all-natural, zero-calorie sugar replacement. To accomplish this goal, Whole Earth Brands engaged Video Supply, renowned for their expertise in creating visually captivating and impactful branded videos.


The primary objectives of Whole Earth Brands in collaborating with Video Supply were as follows:

  • Develop high-quality branded videos that communicate the key attributes and value proposition of Swerve Sweetener.
  • Create engaging content that resonates with the target audience and stimulates interest in the product.
  • Increase brand awareness and visibility through strategic distribution of the videos on digital platforms.
  • Drive customer acquisition and promote brand loyalty through the videos' compelling storytelling and product demonstrations.

Whole Earth Brands and Video Supply began the collaboration by conducting a series of meetings to align on the project's scope, goals, and creative direction. Together, they defined the target audience, identified the key messages to convey, and outlined the desired tone and style of the videos.

Video Supply's team of experts then embarked on the following process:

  • Concept Development: Video Supply developed multiple video concepts, considering Whole Earth Brands' brand guidelines and the unique selling points of Swerve Sweetener.
  • Scriptwriting: Collaboratively, Whole Earth Brands and Video Supply refined the video scripts to ensure they effectively communicated the product's benefits while appealing to the target audience.
  • Pre-production: Video Supply managed the logistical aspects, such as casting, location scouting, and scheduling, to ensure a seamless production process.
  • Production: Skilled videographers and production crews captured high-quality footage, highlighting Swerve Sweetener's versatility and applications in various culinary settings.
  • Post-production: Video Supply edited the footage, incorporating motion graphics, captivating visuals, and engaging sound design to enhance the videos' overall impact.
  • Iterative Feedback: Whole Earth Brands provided constructive feedback throughout the process, allowing Video Supply to refine and fine-tune the videos based on their preferences and objectives.
  • Finalization: Once the videos met Whole Earth Brands' expectations, Video Supply delivered the finalized versions in multiple formats suitable for different digital platforms.

The collaboration between Whole Earth Brands and Video Supply yielded significant results, exceeding the initial expectations:

  • Engaging and Informative Videos: Video Supply successfully created a series of branded videos that effectively communicated the unique attributes and benefits of Swerve Sweetener. The videos showcased the product's versatility, taste, and health benefits, resonating with the target audience.
  • Increased Brand Visibility: Through the strategic distribution of the videos on various digital platforms, Whole Earth Brands witnessed a substantial increase in brand visibility. The videos garnered significant views, shares, and positive engagement from both existing and potential customers.
  • Improved Customer Acquisition: The branded videos played a vital role in driving customer acquisition for Whole Earth Brands. The engaging storytelling and product demonstrations portrayed Swerve Sweetener as an appealing alternative to traditional sugar, resulting in increased sales and market penetration.
  • Enhanced Brand Loyalty: The videos created a lasting impression on viewers, fostering brand loyalty among existing customers. The informative and visually captivating content solidified Swerve Sweetener as a trusted and desirable choice for health-conscious individuals seeking natural sweeteners.
  • Measurable ROI: Whole Earth Brands tracked the performance of the branded videos using analytics and reported a notable return on investment. The videos not only generated direct sales but also contributed to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and overall business growth.

The collaboration between Whole Earth Brands and Video Supply proved to be a resounding success in creating compelling branded videos for Swerve Sweetener. By leveraging Video Supply's expertise in video production and storytelling, Whole Earth Brands effectively enhanced their digital marketing efforts, increased brand awareness, and boosted customer acquisition.

The engaging and informative videos resonated with the target audience, driving both short-term sales and long-term brand loyalty. This case study exemplifies the power of video marketing in elevating a brand's presence and establishing a strong connection with consumers.

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