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Client: War Dogs Academy

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War Dogs Academy, a leading provider of military and tactical training courses, recognized the importance of enhancing their online learning offerings through high-quality video content. Partnering with Video Supply, War Dogs Academy embarked on a journey to elevate their online course experience and provide their students with engaging and informative video content. This case study delves into the collaborative effort between War Dogs Academy and Video Supply in delivering transformative online course video production and editing services.

War Dogs Academy aimed to enhance the effectiveness and appeal of their online courses by incorporating professionally produced video content. The primary objective was to create engaging and educational videos that would enhance the learning experience, increase student engagement, and reinforce key course concepts.


  1. Content Planning and Scripting: Video Supply collaborated closely with War Dogs Academy to plan and script the video content for each course module. The content was carefully structured to deliver key learning objectives in a clear and engaging manner.
  2. Video Production: Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, Video Supply executed the production of high-quality video content, including on-location filming, interviews, demonstrations, and instructional segments.
  3. Editing and Post-Production: Video Supply conducted meticulous editing and post-production work to enhance the visual appeal and educational value of the videos. This included adding graphics, animations, captions, and other elements to reinforce key concepts and improve viewer retention.
  4. Quality Assurance: Prior to delivery, Video Supply conducted thorough quality assurance checks to ensure that the videos met War Dogs Academy's standards for accuracy, clarity, and professionalism.


The collaboration between War Dogs Academy and Video Supply resulted in significant improvements to their online course offerings:

  • Generated $150,975 for the launch of War Dogs Academy (2 month timeline) and now they're continuing to scale sales.
  • A 3x return on investment (ROI) with our services in the first 2 months.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The addition of professionally produced video content enriched the learning experience for War Dogs Academy students, providing them with engaging visuals and clear explanations of course concepts.
  • Increased Engagement: Students responded positively to the new video content, with higher levels of engagement observed in course modules that included videos. This led to improved student satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Elevated Brand Image: The professional quality of the video content reflected positively on War Dogs Academy's brand image, positioning them as a leader in military and tactical training.

The successful collaboration between War Dogs Academy and Video Supply in delivering online course video production and editing services demonstrates the transformative impact of high-quality video content on the online learning experience. By leveraging professional video production expertise, War Dogs Academy was able to enhance the effectiveness of their online courses, increase student engagement, and strengthen their brand presence in the competitive online education market.

Produced marketing and course video content for War Dogs Academy, generating $63,975 in launch sales

"Sales are good! We should hit 200K by the end of month, so as soon as we launch this evergreen webinar and start ads I think this thing is really gonna take off!"

War Dogs Academy
Government Contracting Education
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