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In a strategic white label agency partnership, Video Supply and Tangible UX joined forces to deliver high-impact animation and video projects. This case study focuses on a key project within this collaboration—a compelling animated explainer video for QuickBooks Accountant.

The primary objective was to simplify complex concepts, enhance user understanding, and elevate the user experience for accounting professionals.

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  1. Collaborative Planning: Video Supply and Tangible UX engaged in collaborative planning sessions to align project goals, timelines, and client expectations. A clear understanding of QuickBooks Accountant's unique selling points was established.
  2. Script Development: Working closely with QuickBooks, a comprehensive script was crafted to effectively convey the benefits of QuickBooks Accountant. Tangible UX provided valuable insights into user experience considerations, ensuring the script resonated with the target audience.
  3. Strategic Animation: Leveraging Tangible UX's expertise in user-centric design, the animation was strategically crafted to simplify intricate accounting processes. Visual elements were designed to complement QuickBooks' brand identity while maintaining a user-friendly approach.
  4. Seamless Brand Integration: Video Supply ensured seamless brand integration by aligning the animation's visual elements with QuickBooks' branding guidelines. This approach contributed to consistent brand representation and recognition.
  5. Iterative Feedback Loop: A collaborative feedback loop was established to incorporate client and partner input at key stages of the animation production. This iterative process ensured that the final product met the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.


The collaborative efforts between Video Supply and Tangible UX yielded impressive results:

  • Engaging Animation: The animated explainer video successfully captured the attention of the target audience, making complex accounting features accessible and engaging.
  • Positive Client Feedback: QuickBooks expressed satisfaction with the final product, noting its effectiveness in communicating key software features to their user base.
  • Strengthened Partnership: The success of this project strengthened the white label agency partnership between Video Supply and Tangible UX, paving the way for future collaborations on diverse animation and video projects.


The white label agency partnership between Video Supply and Tangible UX has proven to be a dynamic collaboration, bringing together expertise in animation, user experience, and brand strategy. The animated explainer video for QuickBooks Accountant stands as a testament to the synergies created through this partnership, highlighting the potential for transformative results in white label animation and video projects. As the collaboration continues to evolve, both agencies are poised to deliver innovative solutions that exceed client expectations.

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