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Ippen Digital was ready to expand their marketing agency team and produce content for their client accounts. So they partnered with Video Supply to develop and produce video marketing campaigns for TikTok for brand awareness.

About Ippen Digital

IPPEN.MEDIA is the umbrella brand for the entrepreneurial activities of the Ippen media group and its partners.

The entrepreneurial activities span from the classic print business to one of Germany's largest news platforms.

IPPEN.MEDIA combines entrepreneurial competence and online expertise with the experience of a traditional publishing house. Each month, IPPEN.MEDIA reaches more than half of Germany's online users.

Through its entrepreneurial experience in digital and analog business, it has expanded its business areas with partners to include e-commerce, venture capital investments and entrepreneurial activities in the consumer goods sector, and has invested selectively in individual industries.

IPPEN.MEDIA is looking for entrepreneurial partners to develop new business areas and to lead companies successfully in the long term.


  • 500K+ TikTok Views
  • 20K Impressions and Engagement

Sample TikTok Campaign

“Really awesome work you did on the Runebreakers videos! We grew our TikTok and Instagram accounts from 0 to over 22,000 fans fast with your strategic video content. It was nice growth and exactly the brand awareness we needed for our ad campaigns.”

Ippen Digital
Marketing Director, Ippen Digital
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