Stock footage has a bad reputation, but it can be highly useful for video projects. Stock footage, also known as stock video, is made up of short video clips that were created for general use. People are under a false assumption that stock footage is poorly filmed and only added in as a last resort. However, there are many benefits to using stock footage, especially when it comes to video marketing.

Below I will share the top reasons you will want to use stock footage in your next video production. 

It can save you time

If you can save time and still get your messaging across with stock footage, that’s a big win. Stock footage is great for saving you time because it does not involve your film crew capturing the footage. This could take days or weeks that you are saving.

Tell your story in the best way

One way to increase engagement with your audience and tell your story is to use stock footage. You can include clips to enhance your story, bridge challenging scenes, and fill in gaps with stock footage. If your interviewee talks about sequoias, you can insert stock footage of the sequoias to better tell the story. Check out this article to learn more about telling your story.

Can be professional and high quality

There is tons of stock footage on the market today that’s professional and high-quality. You can easily search clips that match the resolution of your project. Most stock footage is available for sale in various resolutions, from 1080p up to 16k!

It can save you money

Shooting on location can have amazing results, however, it is expensive, using stock footage can eliminate this. Royalty-free license means that you pay a one-time fee for unlimited usage which also helps with lowering costs. Since stock footage is generic, you can also use it more than once.

Can be used in versatile ways

Since there is such a wide variety of stock footage available, it opens up the door to be creative. Because stock footage can be used more than once, you can use the same forest video footage as background with text overlay or as the main video clip. It is great for achieving those difficult, expensive or impossible shots.

Using stock footage can save time and help you stay on budget as you produce a professional video project. Stock footage is a great asset to have in your arsenal. It is a great idea to look out for clips that are consistent with the look and feel as the rest of your video and that complement your brand.

Tell your story in the best way while looking professional with high quality stock footage. Still stuck on whether you should use stock footage? Check out this article to learn more about making decisions as an entrepreneur.

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