It’s no surprise; sharing your content online means you’ll be targeting different kinds of traffic.

But what exactly is each type and how do you best reach them?

1. Control Traffic

Just like the name suggests, this form of traffic is heavily controlled.

It is regulated by other people, systems, platforms, or bots, who determine which types of people will see your content.

One of the best examples is paid social media marketing; after setting up a guideline for your target audience, the bots will show the ad to specific people.

2. Uncontrolled Traffic

Simply put, this type of traffic comes from organic posts.

They are your followers, friends, or those who have ‘liked’ your page, and therefore, will see the videos, posts or images you share organically.

While it’s good to have a bit of organic posting sprinkled into your content calendar, don’t rely solely on this form of traffic.

You’re forced to hope the right people saw your message!

3. Traffic That You Own

This is the most important traffic you can have, since it comes in the form of an email list or site where you have access to your customer’s information.

Even though you’ll need to use third-party systems like MailChimp, you still have the most freedom and information in pushing this kind of audience.

But the big question remains: how do you create the best kind of content (while controlling it) for each section of traffic? Watch the video below to find out!

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