Artificial intelligence (AI) is a fantastic technology that sounds like it belongs in a science fiction film. Though technology hasn't been around for very long, AI has already aided in the expansion and productivity of numerous global sectors.

With this new technology comes new possibilities for 360 video production services. AI will be able to optimize videos, making them more engaging, dynamic, and personalized for viewers. Here are five ways AI will change video creation:

AI will be able to optimize videos by finding the best resolution/file size combination to keep them as high quality as possible while also reducing bandwidth costs. This means that companies who want to create high-quality content will be able to do so at a lower price point than ever before.

The use of AI can help creators determine which scenes should be cut and how long each scene should last based on how much time viewers spend watching them. This can help creators better understand how their audience consumes content and allows them to make changes accordingly.

What is the global impact of AI on various industries?

Although AI may seem a little strange, it is a brilliant creation that is praised by business executives all around the world.

The Economist's 2018 study of 400 senior CEOs revealed this attitude. In this survey, experts from the industry were questioned about AI and specifically about the effect they thought it would have on the expansion of their businesses in the next years.

The vast majority of the executives who responded to the study said AI was a substantial technological advance that would have a beneficial effect on the development, creativity, and productivity of their business. Furthermore, about 90% of respondents thought AI will be the solution to their company's strategic problems.

Data demonstrates that these views are supported by evidence, as AI has already had a big influence on productivity across several industries. This is because AI facilitates processes like data analysis and predictive analytics that formerly required human labor. Workers are given more time to concentrate on difficult problems that need for human creativity and ingenuity that robots cannot replicate.

Manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and the public sector all include some of the most prominent AI industry breakthroughs.

In what ways does AI affect video marketing?

In the past decade, there has been a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and its impact on our lives. In fact, it's been a common theme in many sci-fi movies and TV shows. But what are the practical applications of AI?

Well, one that you may not have considered yet is how it can be used to improve your online video marketing.

This article will teach you how to use artificial intelligence in video marketing so that you can stay on top of the latest trends and keep your brand relevant in today's digital landscape.

1. Provides better information about which videos will do the best.

AI can gather detailed information about how viewers react to your films so you can determine what is (and is not) working. You can then alter your videos to more effectively reach the audiences you've chosen.

AI, for instance, can offer information about your readers and the kinds of material they like. This information is useful, particularly when trying to target people from various geographic locations, nationalities, or demographic categories who might react differently to the same content. It can even become more specific by examining specifics like which screen colors attract the most viewers. Without technology that speeds up the analysis, it would be nearly difficult to learn these small lessons.

You can modify your marketing plan to better suit the preferences of your target audience after you have an understanding of how they are reacting to your films. In order to make the same video more relevant to the various audience members, you can also use your audience data to assist you develop slightly modified versions of the same affordable video production services.

2. Allows broad customization of video content.

AI can keep track of information about your audience's online behaviors, interests, and search history. It can then make tailored video marketing content that appeals to your audience and fits with their lives using this data.

Given that viewers value curated marketing content more than random adverts, having the capacity to produce tailored content is a great thing. Also, since the content of tailored adverts is pertinent to the user, engagement is higher. According to several studies, personalized content promotes customer loyalty since viewers believe the brand cares more about establishing a relationship with them.

If you're a fan of a specific sports team and have always wanted to see highlights from their games, you could use artificial intelligence to find the best videos and compile them into a personalized highlight reel.

This is just one example of how artificial intelligence can enhance your viewing experience by making it more customized to your preferences.

3. Gives you the opportunity to test your marketing strategies beforehand.

In the past, you had to pay a lot of money and hire experts to create a marketing strategy that would work for you. Now, artificial intelligence allows you to test out your marketing strategies before they go live. You can see what works and what doesn't, so when it comes time for your campaign launch, you'll know exactly what kind of content will resonate with your audience.

You can publish a few commercial video production services clips and then gather information on how engaged your audience is. You can concentrate your efforts on the clips that were more successful if their engagement was strong for some but not others.

Also, you can gather information on the responses your viewers gave to the video while they were watching it to figure out if you need to make any adjustments before publishing your finished product.

For instance, it can gather information on when viewers are exiting your movie. You can shorten or change the content of your virtual reality video production service if a lot of viewers are stopping watching it before it's finished in order to increase audience engagement.

4. Increases your visibility to potential customers.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you click on a video on YouTube, a list of related videos appears on your screen after you finish watching it?

Over time, YouTube learns so much about your viewing preferences that it may make suggestions for videos that are precisely matched to your preferences. All of this is a result of YouTube's AI system, which continually analyzes and organizes videos into categories to present you with the most pertinent information. If you're a video marketer, you may utilize the AI algorithms of YouTube (and other viewing platforms) to your advantage to grow your following.

Simply add certain keywords and phrases to the description of your video to do this. This will assist the AI system in identifying the target audience for your content so that it can recommend it to visitors who might be interested, increasing your visibility for no additional marketing expenses!


The ability of a machine to "think" like a human is referred to as artificial intelligence. The governmental sector, the manufacturing industry, and the healthcare industry are just a few of the sectors using this innovative technology.

Yet the benefits of AI don't end there! AI can provide information on the tastes and interests of your audience if you are a video marketer. Additionally, it can produce tailored content that appeals to your audience. AI also gives you the chance to test your marketing plans and determine which ones are most likely to succeed.

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