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June 24, 2022

How To Measure Your Marketing Using Google Analytics

See exactly where traffic is coming from and what to do with your marketing.
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Jennifer Grayeb

Founder of The Nimble Co.

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Jennifer Grayeb

Jennifer Grayeb is the CEO of The Nimble Co., a consulting group focused on helping online business owners better understand their numbers so they can make data-driven and profit-generating marketing decisions.

She recently left her senior strategy role at a Fortune 5 company where she had 6 roles in just 7 years. While in that role, in just 2 years she built a productivity blog that reached over 2 million page views per year, which she went on to sell.

In every role she’s had or every company she’s owned, one thing has been consistent: she leverages data to achieve success as quickly as possible.

Now, she helps her students and clients use data to remove guesswork from their businesses so that they can be more profitable.

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Learn how to measure your marketing with Google Analytics so you can see exactly where traffic is coming from and which marketing activities are working for you or your clients.

As a marketer there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to track how well you’re doing.

Whether it be in the design process, content production or even sales, you always need to know how you’re progressing.

But how can you track what you’re doing?

How can you get a general idea of where you stand?

One of the main players in the tracking game is Google Analytics, now in its 7th iteration and an essential tool for any marketer.

In this workshop, Jennifer Grayeb we will teach you ways that Google Analytics allows us to quantify our marketing efforts and improve our results with Google Ads by measuring Marketing ROI of all your activities.

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