Are you focusing your content marketing efforts on the right things? After all, it’s easy to get a video produced and distributed.

Someone on staff might even be able to update your blog appropriately. But the real value comes when you find ways to make the video more than a one-time project.

We're sharing 10 smart ways for you to plan for video production and repurpose those contents.

Utilize various distribution channels

When it comes to repurposing your video content, there are a lot of options. And while we'll cover the more creative options in future posts, this one is the most obvious and often the simplest: simply reposting your video on other channels.

This is a great option for getting value out of your video if you've already posted it on your original distribution channel—and it's something we recommend doing when possible. After all, it's not like you're going to be posting the same thing over and over again at every channel you use.

For inspiration, check out our list of 20 places to post your video once it's done!

Break down longer videos

Not all audiences can withstand watching a 5 or 10-minute video, right? That said, we recommend that you cut down your longer videos into shorter ones. That way, you can make a series of shorter videos about your product or service while retaining the attention of your viewers.

For instance, you can take out a portion of your 60-second video and make that your teaser. If you have a long testimonial video, you can shorten that to make it concise and straightforward.

These shorter video contents, you can even post these on various social channels for your marketing campaigns. This would be great since most viewers on social media, they like attention-grabbing shorter videos.

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Convert your videos into GIFs

Do you love gifs? Of course, you do. They're fun, they're easy to make and share, and they're everywhere. So why not make some of your own?

If your videos have a lot of short clips that could be made into gifs, then turn them into gifs! You can use these for social media posts, in emails, or even company message boards.

You can also create gifs from the video itself! Just use the creation tool on a gif site like Giphy, and you've got your repurposed content! Once you have your gifs ready for distribution, share them virtually anywhere.

You can share your GIFs on social media, in your emails, blog posts, or even on your company's internal communication.

Embed your videos in emails

Email marketing is not yet dead, and many companies are still using it. That said, you can advertise or share your video contents on your email, how?

You can use static images from your video, and place a play button on top of it. Otherwise, you can use the GIF you made and add that to your email.

Either of these ways will tell your recipient that you have a video you want them to watch. Make sure to link your GIF or still image to your video, otherwise, your efforts will be wasted.

Static Images as your Teaser

Still images are also effective as a teaser to your video. There are two ways for you to produce high quality still images. First, you can take photos during video production. That way, you get high quality photos that are great as video teasers.

Second method is to grab those quality photos from your video contents. Either of these ways, you get good images as your video teasers for social media marketing.

Grab video quotes or transform your video into graphic images

All designers out there, you need to know that grabbing video quotes is an effective marketing material for making an informative graphic. If you can pick out the best quote from your video, and turn that into an image that is worth sharing on social media, that would be fantastic!

Alternatively, you can create an infographic that summarizes the thoughts of your video. Once done, you can share that to all your social media channels. Link that image to your video so that they’ll be redirected there.

Curate a blog from your video content

Writing a blog out of your videos is an effective way to repurpose content. Feature that blog on your website and social media. You can drive traffic to your blog through keywords, and then, redirect them to your YouTube channel to watch it.

Take out the audio and make that a podcast

Around 155 million Americans are listening to podcasts. That’s something you want to take advantage of, right? That said, you can grab the audio of your video and make that a podcast.

People are oftentimes fatigued with video contents. Their best alternative way to get information or entertained is through listening to podcasts. Therefore, you can definitely make podcasts out of your videos and promote that online.

Grab ideas or images from past videos in creating new video contents

Are you consistent in producing videos? You can repurpose that by grabbing ideas or images from your previous videos in creating new ones.

There’s always something gold from past works, and you can do the same for your previous videos or interviews. You can even highlight a specific part of your old content in creating your new video. This is a proven technique in professional video production.

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Share those bloopers

Finally, don’t be afraid to share some behind-the-scenes footage and videos. True, they are mistakes, but they are funny mistakes that make us realize we’re humans. This is something relatable to any audience online. 

Because it’s candid and funny, it can definitely grab attention! You can take advantage of this in repurposing your videos and footage.

Letting your viewers know you make mistakes, that’s not something to be ashamed of.

People would understand that, what matters is that you’re true to them.

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