In this week's episode Josh explores how to use video marketing in the nonprofit world — focusing on building massive brand awareness for your mission, cause, and even products.

Yes, all these strategies apply to for-profit brands too!Josh explores what it took to take an idea and message and drive the strategy for it to go viral, generating millions of views and engagement.

Discover how to build massive awareness with your own video supply and so much more in this week's episode of the Video Marketing Made Easy Podcast.

Most people and brands struggle to get the visibility and attention they need to stand out and grow their business.

Often, this makes them feel overwhelmed as they try to do all the things to grow a business that matters while serving their audience with great products and a powerful message.

It's difficult to be successful with video without a clear plan and knowledge about how video, marketing, and messaging actually works to attract and genuinely sell an audience of buyers.

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