In the age of digital marketing, one cannot deny that video is the content king. Everyone knows that, even before TikTok became popular. In social media, you’d see tons of videos from different businesses promoting their brands.

But do you know where video marketing is heading to? Or, where did it came from? In this article, we’re going uncover that mystery, and share with you the best practices in video production.

So, are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Thanks to the Originators in the 1890s

Motion picture projector was invented in the 1890s. This is the time of the kinetoscope and kinetograph.

As innovation went on, we have the Lumiere Brother’s cinematographe. This is a small film projector, which also acts like a printer and a camera at the same time. Using this device, they were able to produce 1000 short videos, which they can compile to make a movie.

YouTube Came To Life

When it comes to online video production, most people refer to YouTube. Well, you couldn’t be wrong by that since this platform is very popular and widely used. Alongside this, we are talking about online videos that are shareable in different platforms, and YouTube is very famous for that.

The first video posted on this platform was on 2005. It was video from Nike, and they’ve used this platform in leveraging their digital marketing efforts.

Now, Google had already expected that YouTube would be a great rival. And with the birth of search engine optimization (SEO) in 2006, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion. From that moment, video marketing rapidly gain traction online.

Continuing Rise of Video Marketing

In 2021, most viewers (roughly around 72%) online prefer to watch videos than reading blogs. That said, those written contents with videos got the highest click-through rate. Moreover, engagement spike for those with video contents on their social media accounts.

Right now, if you want to be on Google’s first page, producing quality videos is the key. Google loves to feature those websites with videos having lots of views and engagements. Moreover, keywords must be added to your video titles, descriptions, and captions to optimized them.

Create Original Videos

We’ll never get tired of reminding everyone to be authentic with their videos. You heard that right, since people in online communities, they love genuine content. That said, video production is not a joke. You can ask a lot of YouTube videographer, and they’d tell you it’s a feat to produce quality contents.

Authenticity in video marketing is a prime factor. Even when you’re hiring a video production agency, still, originality must be there. Your audience love seeing people on cam showing genuine reactions and events. Relatability is there, and you’re trying to connect with your audience, so conveying emotion naturally is a must.

You can see that in cinema. Video marketing is like an evolution of cinema, but it’s mostly used for promoting a brand or business. The other difference there, video marketing go through different channels so that more users are reach online.

Let’s Wrap Up

I hope you learn something there about the origin of video marketing and how important it is for your business. Creating high-quality videos is a feat, yet it’s not impossible as long as you have the right equipment and knowledge of doing it.

Nonetheless, you have the alternative choice of hiring a video production agency near me. One that can easily get what you want to achieve on your video production. So, in case you have some questions about online video production and marketing, feel free to reach out.

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