It may not seem like it but GIFs have been around for a while. GIFs are a great way to engage your audience and reach new heights. Using them in your marketing might feel gimmicky but I want to show how you can use them in an effective way.

What is a GIF?

A GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format which was created in 1978. We know GIFs as the moving images that don’t require a play button and continuously loop. They are a great way to give dynamic content without hurting your load time. Check out the list below to see how you can use GIFs and their benefits in your marketing strategy. 

Benefits of a GIF
Effect similar to video

Videos are awesome but they’re also heavy. GIFs in marketing give you the same motion effect as video but for a fraction of the size. You can think of an animated GIF as a “photo that’s still alive,” an attention-grabbing hybrid between a photo and a video. Check out this article to help you create a connection with your audience even more. 


Unlike videos, GIFs will not drag down data speeds. Due to their small file sizes, GIFs are a great way to post mobile-optimized, animated content to your site. GIFs can easily be sized to mobile screens so people don’t need to sacrifice their whole screen to see a GIF.

Easy to make

They’re perfect for short, punchy, and even dramatic expressions which allow visitors to engage with your content and are incredibly easy to make. Your users want something different and relatable. Take any one of your videos or images and easily make something new with it as a GIF.

How to use GIFs for marketing
Show off your products

Sometimes video content is not what you’re looking for but static images don’t do enough. GIFs offer a lightning-fast way to tease a big announcement or give users a sneak peek and highlighting different features. The attention-grabbing format stands out on a product page.

Creative tutorials

Whether you want to display a recipe or illustrate steps to use your product or service, GIFs can help you distill pages of instructions into mere seconds of footage. Using the normal static images or video to deliver instructions can be time consuming. GIFs can explain a process quickly and succinctly, without having to list out all the steps.

Spice up your emails and blogs

Images don’t always help the daunting text heavy content of emails and blogs. GIFs offer the same benefits as static images and more because they are dynamic. You can show your audience who you really are through the use of perfectly positioned GIFs. If you would like more help with your email marketing, check out this article.

Repurpose your content

GIFs are a great way to capture additional value out of all the video content you have created for your brand. Take the most exciting or informative moments from the video, and convert them into a GIF. GIFs are a great way to direct your audience to the full video. If you need help making video content, check out this article.

Hopefully these ideas inspire you to put GIFs to use in your own marketing efforts right away. They are an easy and effective way to grab your audience's attention without sacrificing your speeds.

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