Video production is the norm today! With advanced technology, there are many ways for you to create your own video. Before jumping to that, let’s first help you improve your speaking skills in front of the camera.

Today, I’m sharing with you seven expert tips on how you can improve your speaking skills in front of the camera. By learning these skills, you can better enhance the delivery of your content in front of the camera with confidence.

Remember, no one likes to watch a video where the speaker is tense and looks so unsure of what he’s talking about, right? And with the current restrictions right now due to the pandemic, videos are the best way to communicate with people remotely.

Moreover, video can boost your SEO rankings. That’s because of the optimizations you can do there, like video thumbnails and getting more engagement.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into those tips, and help you become an amazing YouTube videographer. 

Tip1: Understand your content

Knowing your content is the key to perfecting your video. You can’t just assume that you can wing your recording the first time. There’ll be room for mistakes, and to avoid that, understanding your content is the key.

Knowing your topic would also guide you on what to say in front of the camera. Keep it interesting while staying on track with your topic. It’s also best if you can read aloud your notes or copy before recording.

Practice speaking even without the camera. This helps you familiarize the things you’ve written. Once you perfect that, it’ll sound more natural and interesting.

Tip2: Keep a relaxed body

If you have a tense body, it’ll reflect on your voice, and that’s a sure killer on your screen presence. You can do some stretching to release that tension, making your body relax. That way, you have a better presence in front of the camera.

Tip3: Free your mind

I get it, you have a million things in mind that are bogging you, right? But that won’t help you focus on your content. It’ll stress you out, that you’ll lose track of your topic. 

What you can do, is take a minute or two of meditation. This helps calm your mind and senses. You can better prepare for the film with a relaxed mind and body. You’ll even look great on camera when you’re not stressed.

Tip4: Treat your camera as a friend

Not all are comfortable being on cam, so the best way to combat this is to befriend your camera. That sounds ridiculous, right? But believe me, when you treat your camera as a friend, you won’t feel awkward or tense when speaking in front of them.

When you treat your camera as a friend, you can easily connect with them, as if you’re talking to a friend or loved one. Your recording will sound more natural and friendly that way.

Tip5: Don’t forget to breathe

Proper breathing is essential to delivering your thoughts on camera. It helps adjust the intensity of your voice.

When you hold your breath too long, it makes you look tense or nervous. You’ll speak too fast, and your audience won’t understand what you’re talking about in the video.

Before you start talking, take a deep breath, and smile inwardly. Believe me, it helps improve your screen projection and your delivery of words. Take note, no one likes to watch a grumpy person speaking on cam.

Tip6: Wear proper clothes

What to wear during a video production? You dress according to the type of audience you’re talking to on the screen. If you’re creating content about business management, and your target viewers are managers, then take wear your best corporate attire.

If your video will be for the general crowd, then you can wear casual shirts or a long-sleeve crew neck shirt. An outfit that fits your audience so that you can seamlessly communicate with them.

If you like to know more about what to wear when filming videos, you can listen to my podcast. I’ve outlined there practical and effective tips on how to dress well for video creation.

Tip7: Use a teleprompter

Using a teleprompter is optional, but if you have one, then go for it. This amazing device helps you keep your eye contact on cam while viewing your notes. You don’t have to read your script word by word, yet it helps you stay on track.

Not all of us are gifted with a perfect memory, so having this device is fantastic. You won’t panic since you forget some topics you need to include in your video. This device can surely guide you in your discussion while projecting nicely on cam.

But still, practicing your script before recording is the best. The teleprompter is there as your backup in case you forget some things. The most reliable video production agency would do this to ensure high-quality online video production.

If you observe any YouTube video production service, they would practice many times until they have internalized their content. That way, when they start recording, the video quality is more natural, friendly, and appealing to the audience.

You can also try reading it out loud, the home page or About Us page of your website. It’s a good exercise for bringing out the natural voice in you, and for you to remember your brand.

If you need more advice about video recording, or how to create stunning content, then check out more of our blogs and videos.

And if ever you’re still finding a reliable video production agency near me, you can reach out to us today.

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