Project Overview

What do you get when you bring 20+ successful online creators together to share their secrets to success?

Teachable LIVE 2019 and it's kicking off Sept. 24 - 26!

It’s 100% free and open to everyone who wants to learn how follow in these successful creator's footsteps and build your online empire!


The primary objectives of Teachable LIVE 2019 were:

  • To illustrate the benefits of integrating online courses into business strategies.
  • To provide a platform for creators to learn from industry experts and peers.
  • To highlight the ease of creating and managing online courses with Teachable.
  • To inspire entrepreneurs to leverage online courses for business growth.


Many entrepreneurs and creators face challenges in expanding their businesses through online courses:

  • Lack of technical skills to create professional-quality video content.
  • Difficulty in reaching a larger audience and scaling their business.
  • Limited knowledge of how to monetize their expertise effectively.


Event Planning and Promotion

Teachable LIVE 2019 was meticulously planned to ensure maximum engagement and value for attendees. The promotion focused on the benefits of attending the event, such as gaining insights from successful creators and learning practical skills for course creation.

Keynote Sessions and Workshops

The event featured keynote sessions and workshops that covered various aspects of online course creation and business growth:

1. Keynote Sessions:

  • Industry leaders shared their success stories and the impact of online courses on their businesses.
  • Experts provided insights into market trends and future opportunities for online education.

2. Workshops:

  • Hands-on sessions guided attendees through the process of creating and editing high-quality video content.
  • Participants learned how to design engaging course materials and create compelling sales pages.

Demonstrations of Teachable’s Platform

Live demonstrations showcased Teachable’s user-friendly platform, emphasizing its video production and editing capabilities:

Video Production: Attendees learned how to produce professional-quality videos using Teachable’s integrated tools, making the process accessible even for those with minimal technical skills.

Editing Services: The platform’s editing features were highlighted, showing how creators can easily refine their content to ensure it is polished and engaging.

Networking Opportunities

Teachable LIVE 2019 provided numerous networking opportunities, allowing creators to connect with peers, industry experts, and potential collaborators. This fostered a sense of community and encouraged the sharing of ideas and best practices.

Teachable LIVE 2019 was a resounding success, with significant positive outcomes for both attendees and Teachable:

Increased Adoption: Many attendees signed up for Teachable, excited by the platform’s capabilities and the success stories shared during the event.

Enhanced Skills: Participants left with practical skills in video production and editing, enabling them to create high-quality online courses.

Business Growth: Attendees reported an increased understanding of how to monetize their expertise, leading to new revenue streams and business expansion.

Teachable LIVE 2019 effectively demonstrated the power of online courses in transforming businesses. The event provided valuable insights, practical skills, and networking opportunities, empowering entrepreneurs and creators to leverage Teachable’s platform for their growth.

By focusing on the importance of video production and editing, Teachable LIVE 2019 highlighted how Teachable’s tools make it easy to create professional-quality content that can reach and engage a global audience.

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“We had a HUGE launch and saw an exciting amount of traffic come to the summit landing page [and video]. Conversion rates were above 60%, and an impressive amount of users signed up for Teachable on the spot!”

Software Company

"We won a Telly Award! I'm seriously beyond grateful as their work truly represented the passion Teachable and I have for the creators that are saying yes to their passions, big ideas and sharing it with the world."

Software Company
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