Are you ready to become more confident behind the camera?

  • You want to buy and use video production like a pro, without wasting hours to weeks searching for answers online.
  • Your video marketing could use a makeover and you’re ready to quickly learn all of the right tips and techniques for making pro quality videos.
  • You’re tired of ugly videos and want to easily set up, film, edit, and publish videos you’re proud of.

If this sounds like you, then this online course is perfect for you!

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What you'll learn...

  • Buy the best video production equipment you need for your budget, business, and goals
  • Use camera, audio, lighting and other video gear to start making pro quality videos
  • Set up your computer and creative workspace to easily edit pro-level videos
  • Know all the technical terms and best practices for all video equipment
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What's Included

2 hours of on-demand video lessons

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Downloadable workbooks, resources, and in-depth video gear solutions

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Expert feedback and guidance on how to use all your video production gear, no matter the brand, model, or budget

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Gear Genius Guide

Course Lessons

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Learn what video equipment you need and how to use it to create high quality videos.

To Create Professional Videos, You Need To Know How To Use Video Equipment

This course was created to help you become knowledgeable about commonly used video production equipment.

Video gear is an ever changing landscape, with new brands and models being released all the time, and as a content creator, brand, and entrepreneur, it’s time for you to confidently use budget-friendly gear like a pro!

This course is designed for the beginner and intermediate video maker aspiring to make high quality video content.

If you're interested in learning more about the basics of video production, then this course is for you. We'll cover everything from cameras to microphones, lighting to editing software. The goal of this course is to provide a comprehensive overview of what it takes to make high quality videos that look professional and sound great!

We'll also cover some topics that are important to keep in mind when shooting videos such as copyright laws and privacy laws. By the end of this course, you will have gained all of the knowledge necessary to create better quality videos for any purpose!

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What Clients Are Saying...

“Your last 10 minutes of consulting on the build out of my video studio was so valuable! It was worth the entire investment of my first month working with your agency.”

Alison Prince

Because I Can

“The team is a self-starter and understands both the creative and business side of video production. Their intangibles make them an asset to any project with a whatever it takes mentality”

Princess Cruises

Travel and Hospitality

“I worked with Dallin on my batch video recording and I can't recommend him enough. He was professional, innovative and a pleasure to work with. The final product was amazing and it's obvious as soon as you start working with Dallin how much thought, care and innovation goes into his work."

Emily Hirsh

Hirsh Marketing Agency

"I've seen all products and it says a lot about your team, products, creativity, and business strategies, and it's incredible what results you deliver."

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Dallin Nead

Dallin Nead is the Founder of Video Supply Co. He's an entrepreneur, marketer, podcaster, course creator, filmmaker, father. He helps entrepreneurs and businesses create authentic, results-driven media so they can share their message and vision with the world. He helps brands clarify, create, and communicate their vision for a happier, more meaningful life, business, and community.

He consults with small and large companies including Princess Cruises, U.S. Marine Corp., Teachable, Run Like Clockwork, Culture Add Labs, and many others.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why take this course?

Are you looking for a way to learn about the best equipment for making video content? Do you want to gain critical technical and theoretical knowledge to help you make informed equipment purchase decisions?

Whether you want to make video content in blog format, creative videos, or whether you're aspiring to be a professional video producer and filmmaker; you need to have the correct tools to help properly bring your vision to life. The information you will accumulate from this course will help you make the most informed decisions about your camera equipment purchases, so you can start accumulating the best tools for your video creation needs.

Who is this course for?

This course is for beginners with little to no knowledge of video production. It’s also for aspiring video producers, enthusiasts, and professionals ready to level up their video quality for self-publishing or for providing a service to others.