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July 20, 2022

How to Write and Publish Your Book in 90 Days

Why Publishing a Book This Year is the Easiest Way to Convert your Audience into Paying Customers (seriously).
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Matt Emmorey

Self Publishing School

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Matt Emmorey

Matt Emmorey is a publishing strategist at Self Publishing School and best selling author of "Where the Rubber Meets the Road". He has had over 5,000 conversations with aspiring authors about how to best write, produce, publish, and launch books. His focus is helping people get clarity on the steps to go from where they are to the lifestyle they dream of for themselves.

In his 5,000 conversations with aspiring authors about their books, he has identified two massive opportunities that almost everybody misses. Applying these ideas can mean the difference between selling a few hundred books to being able to quit your job and write full time.

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For over a year, Matt lived in a van and drove across the country in search of breathtaking views and life-long experiences. That experience created the desire to share his message. He eventually launched his book, Where the Rubber Meets the Road, with the goal of inspiring people to give up the things that no longer serve them.

In his 9,000 conversations with aspiring authors about their books, he has identified two massive opportunities that almost everybody misses. Applying these ideas can mean the difference between selling a few hundred books to being able to quit your job and write full time.

Why You Should Attend This Training...
  1. GET CLARITY: Whether your book is swimming around in your head or already finished, come away from this training with a concrete plan to use a book to get your message to the masses.
  2. GET FOCUS: When there are so many different ways to get your story out to the world, where’s the best place to start? We’ll help you navigate the world of opportunity.
  3. TAKE ACTION: Through an agile approach, we’ll create a roadmap to completion, create and execute. This is where your product will really come to life.
Who is this training for?

Business/Agency Owners and Service Professionals:
You have or are building a successful business. You know books open doors, and you're looking for a space to showcase your skills and use your book to attract leads, build your business, and become an industry leader.

You’ve seen others (C. S. Lewis, Bob Goff, Og Mandino, etc.) use this strategy to grow their businesses 100x—and really impact thousands of readers—but now it's your turn.

The problem is you’re busy and you need a streamlined, no-fluff approach to execute and get results. You’re ready for a customized timeline and accountability, and support from an elite mastermind group of other faith-based business authors would be great also.

Life-Change Influencer
You're someone with a story inside. You're an author looking to make a difference, an impact, leave a legacy, and influence and change lives with your story—all while building trust and credibility.

Maybe you see yourself on stage, giving speeches like T. D. Jakes that inspire and move people to better their lives and circumstances—pushing them to become the best version of themselves.

You’re willing to commit the time and the work it takes to help people... you just need that little push in the right direction so your story has that life-changing impact you're dreaming about.

You've seen fiction authors like Colleen Coble weaving their faith into their fiction stories. You’ve lived an amazing life and you have wisdom and fables to share.

You see stories in everything around you. You know stories change the world. You're looking for ways to engage readers in your stories early-on, get reader feedback, share your journey, and build loyal fans.

Having a place to share your story is fantastic, and if this could be used to generate some passive income for you personally or for your philanthropic hobbies, then that's an added bonus!

Self-publishing your book doesn't have to be hard...

On this ALL NEW workshop, here's everything you'll learn for FREE:

  • In this 1-hour training, you'll get the 3-Step System I use to rapidly mind-map, outline, and write my books in as little as one week while keeping your faith at the center of it all.
  • You will learn how your unique story can create "leveraged impact" - and how to use your story to impact hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of lives.
  • You will gain clarity in the exact action-taking steps you need to take now to reach your author goals.
  • And...you will see case studies of successful Self-Publishing School students who used our systems to write their own bestsellers faster than they thought possible, and received speaking invitations, new business opportunities, and thousands in monthly royalties as a result.
  • PLUS - After you register, we'll send you a PDF workbook that takes you from "What should I write about?" to "I have A MILLION book ideas!" AND map out your next book—all during the training!

Learn more about Self Publishing School here.

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