Brenden Blackham

Project Manager
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Salt Lake City

My name is Brenden Blackham, I love to provide value to professionals in all industries. As a project manager, I lead a team of highly functional individuals toward greatness. Over the years I have worked in a variety of industries and have learned that when good leadership is understood and followed, people are more successful and EXCITED to come to work. It doesn’t matter if you are in marketing, sales, retail, or the music industry, good leadership always brings a team together and aligns purpose. Many managers and co-workers know me to be determined, friendly, and hell-bent on going out to win the day. One passion of mine is music, and with the little free time in my week, I write songs, perform, and promote concerts. I love the collaboration elements of writing and promoting music and marketing because of the creativity involved, and the need to stay up on trends.

  • Collaborate with clients to understand their video production requirements and objectives, and manage their expectations throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Plan, schedule, and organize video production projects, including pre-production, production, and post-production stages, while adhering to timelines and budgets.
  • Coordinate and communicate with internal teams, external vendors, and freelancers to ensure smooth workflow and timely delivery of all project components.


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