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professional staffing, corporate events
brand ambassadors, promotional talent, on-site meeting professionals, and hosts and greeters

At SIN, we provide professional staffing for lifestyle and corporate events of all sizes, and we are in the business of curating memorable experiences for your customers. Having both created and produced experiential consumer events for over 15 years, we know that the overall goal of hosting your event is to boost your visibility and reach more customers.

Our creative network is comprised of strategists and experiential events experts which allow us to offer our professional services in the form of staffing, influencer management, content marketing, design, and public relations.

Having worked with Consumer Brands, Marketing and Public Relations Agencies, Organizers, and more – through our face-to-face marketing and digital engagement – we know how to create a professional space that engages your event’s attendees with your business.

Whether your next event is of a corporate, promotional, conference, fitness, fundraising, or high-end lifestyle nature – or even a simple meeting – we will help arrange and execute the event with the driving force of our professional events staffing.

Our Brand Events

We own and produce three brand experiences allowing brands the opportunity to expand their brand’s reach with events that understand their goals.

Brand ambassadors & spokes models to be the face of your brand

SIN Talents are trained professionals who have experienced working in a variety of settings- from corporate conference hosts, cocktail parties, TV hosts, fashion shows,  fundraising to promotional events. We seek out talent that takes direction well and has the professional attitude to keep performing at the highest level.

Conference & Convention Event Staffing

Whether you need staffing for a technology conference or high profile gala, our team will go that extra mile to provide industry specific event staff.

Let's activate your brand in front of your target market

Since 2005 we have helped brands connect with consumers through events, product sampling, celebrity gifting suites. press events, and digital.

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