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DGK Color Tools Digital Kolor Pro 16:9 Large Color Calibration and Video Chip Chart, 2-Pack

  • Set of 2 Digital Kolor Pro 14 by 7.88 inch (365 by 200 mm) 16:9 HD video format heavyweight paper charts
  • The front of the chart has 18 reference color targets plus 11-step crossed grey scales.
  • The back of the chart has 6 primary vector color patches and framing apertures for 16:9 (HD) , 3:2, 4:3 (SD) and 1:1 formats.
  • For optimum white balance and color. True blacks for gamma, tonal reproduction and richer-looking video
  • Designed in Boston and Made in USA by DGK Color Tools

Now get 2 DGK Digital Kolor Pro 16:9 chip charts / digital video camera test charts:

Previously included smaller charts, now upgraded to 2 large DKP 16:9 charts. The DKP 16:9 is a 14 by 7.88 inch (365 by 200 mm) HD video format heavyweight paper chart.

This double-sided card features two essential photographer's tools:

On the front are 18 reference color targets digitally screen printed with protective matte coating. Reference 18% and 12% gray for white balance and exposure for film and digital photography, as well as the setup, profiling, and adjustment of color scanners, cameras, digital video, digital printers, and digital display systems. On the back is our Digital Kolor Align chart, a video chip chart NSTC color chart. This card can be used to set up, test, and align your DSLR or digital videocam.

Designed for digital video:

The Digital Kolor Align chip chart / digital video test chart has NTSC color bars and 16:9, 4:3. 1:1 framing apertures. Features the 6 vector color test pattern to evaluate and adjust the color matrix with waveform or vectorscope displays. Used to check peak color levels, color saturation, and color alignment. This chart can assist with calibration of broadcast or recording equipment, especially in a multi-camera installation where all camera signals must match. Crossed 9-step greyscale patterns assist in gamma, "toe" and "knee" adjustments for optimum highlight and shadow detail.

What's in the package:

Includes two large 14 by 7.88 inch (365 by 200 mm) 16:9 HD video format heavyweight paper charts.

Designed in Boston, Massachusetts and made in USA:

DGK Kustom Balance Pro is engineered for today's HD camcorders and digital video SLR cameras. Proudly made in USA.


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