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Tim has a passion for developing and growing businesses. He's an entrepreneur at heart, with 20+ years experience in marketing, business development, sales management and strategic planning.

Just after graduating from college he had the good fortune of getting involved with a wholesale distribution company he co-owned for 9 years. He grew an average of 60% a year before being acquired in 2005. It was an amazing experience that not only taught him a lot of business lessons but life lessons as well.

He got involved in mobile marketing in late 2012 because he saw a huge opportunity to help organizations improve by taking advantage of reaching their audience on the one device that is always with them, always on, and always connected...a smartphone. He has since expanded his services and now focuses on helping service businesses simplify marketing so they can grow with less stress.

Marketing Shouldn’t Be Difficult. All You Need Is The RIGHT Plan.

At Rialto Marketing, we help B2B service-based businesses create, implement, and manage a marketing plan to communicate the right message to the right people—so you build results that last.

We understand how overwhelming marketing your business can be, especially when you're trying to juggle it alongside other responsibilities. That's why we believe in helping you find solutions that work for you—and only you.

We've got a team of marketing experts with years of experience helping businesses just like yours get results. We know what works and what doesn't because we've tried everything ourselves over the years—and because we've helped other companies do the same thing!

Are You Battling Information Overload When It Comes To Marketing?
  • You’ve tried every marketing tactic, and nothing seems to work.
  • You don't have anyone with the time, skill set, and expertise to take ownership of marketing to drive results.
  • You’ve wasted time and money on marketing that provides little or no return.
  • You struggle to implement and execute your marketing consistently.
  • You aren't sure what your next marketing steps should be to get where you want to go.
  • Marketing your business feels overwhelming.

The secret to marketing success is getting the fundamentals right.

When you have a simple plan to follow and know that you've got the basics covered, you can become confident in your marketing.

What Are The Marketing Fundamentals & Why Are They Important?

You can't get to the finish line without mastering the fundamentals.

Target Market

So, you've got a business idea and you know exactly what you're going to do with it. You know how you're going to make money and you have a plan for getting there. The next step is to get that business in front of the right people.

If your business is about serving small businesses in the midwest, then maybe you want to target businesses that are looking to grow or hire new employees. If your business is a service that helps people with their taxes, maybe your target market is people who file taxes on their own and aren't using an accountant or tax prep service. It's important to know who your ideal clients are because when you know exactly who they are, your marketing can be armed with the essential direction and focus it needs.


The way you communicate what you do and the value you provide is essential. Communicating the right message to your target market will grab their attention and gain their interest. Your company will become memorable and magnetic.

Your Plan

The reason you don't have a marketing plan is because you think it's too complicated.

But it doesn't have to be! You just need the right plan—a simple marketing plan that will eliminate information overload and keep you focused on what's most important so you can move forward with confidence.


  • Sales
  • Sales Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Executive Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Planning
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Tim Fitzpatrick
President, Rialto Marketing

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